5-minute conversation for 6-month course: feedback

(If this thread exists I can’t find it, so I’ve started a new topic.)

I’m in Week 19 of the 6-month course, and I’ve been asked by Aran for feedback on my 5-minute conversation, so here goes:

In fact I’d been learning Welsh for quite a while before I started the 6-month course, but I joined the 6-monther in order to gain more opportunities to speak and listen with fellow learners.

I recently joined the Slack Welsh Speaking Practice workspace, and it is marvellous. I have in fact had quite a few conversations with a few people.

Actually, when I first start a conversation, something at the back of my mind tells me that I’ll only last a few minutes, and to get rid of my opposite number as quickly as possible :slight_smile: . In practice, I don’t even notice how quickly the time flies until, say, 15-20 minutes at least, and it’s a great feeling for me to be able to sustain a conversation for so long. It’s made even better by knowing that I’m helping my partner equally at the same time. And it’s a great way to meet people!


Encouraging stuff, Baruch, diolch i ti…

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Gwych - diolch yn fawr! :star: :star2:

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