5 Day Intensive - what did you think of it?

Has anyone done the 5 day intensive. Can you share how it went. I know there’s a video showing people that have done the course, but it doesn’t explain how the course is structured.
For instance, does it start with challenge 1 and work through to challenge 25 on level 3, or is it completely different?
Thanks for any replies

We have to be ready to adapt to the individual, of course - but if we’re starting from scratch, we expect the 5 days to get us most of the way through Levels 1 and 2, with a hefty amount of listening work and various kinds of production (again depending a bit on the learner)… :slight_smile:

Hi Robert, Yes I did the 5-day intensive in October 2017. Four of us sharing a house just outside Llandysul, with @Deborah-SSi coming in as tutor each day. A couple of us were near-beginners and we each individually worked through Level 1 over the five days, i.e. 25 challenges in all, averaging 5 challenges per day - that was more than enough in one go! We then had practice sessions using the Welsh we’d learnt with each other and, as @aran says, a large amount of listening work. Two of the others already had more experience and, as I recall, were working through one or other more advanced levels.

There was however some time for relaxation and we were certainly not speaking Welsh all the time, i.e. it was a learning week (and in this respect differed from the bootcamps, where the aim is to use the Welsh you’ve learnt and no English is allowed). We either cooked our meals in-house or ate out.

Everybody’s different. I found the week exhausting and my first attempts at speaking Welsh somewhat excruciating. BUT - although I’d been doing some lessons in a random fashion before then, it was that week that marked the turning-point for me as regards speaking Welsh. I’ve since followed up with many 1-to-1 conversations on Skype and Slack, and my Welsh has come on by leaps and bounds - though overall I remain a slow learner and still have a long way to go.

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