5 day challenge

Hello! So I posted a few days ago about my idea to try and live from Monday to Friday next week only speaking Welsh, with the aim of immersing myself in the language to get closer to fluency. I also posted on Facebook (which I use a lot) and Twitter (which I only joined last year and don’t really ‘get’).
I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement I’ve had!
As a result, before I’ve even started, I have made my first friend in Welsh. Through this forum no less, and will be meeting Jenny White, a fellow learner, tomorrow for coffee and Welsh conversation. That should start my week off nicely. I have a coffee date with another Welsh learner friend, Victoria, tomorrow afternoon and am meeting another Welsh-speaking friend for lunch on Tuesday! At this rate I will be the size of a house by the end of the week! Also need to find time to fit in my SSIW lessons!
I also started the bobsled challenge, but unfortunately didn’t time it very well so am out of sync with the rest of my challenge! So yesterday I did a lesson and had to greet everyone in Welsh for the day. I was doing fine until I went to the gym (with a Welsh-speaking friend) and answered the receptionist’s happy “Hello” with one of my own. The double l English ‘Hello’, not the single l Welsh version. The shame! Although I think I balanced it out by learning two new Welsh words whilst we were on the treadmill. Both for boring: diflas and aniddorol. You can guess how much we were enjoying the gym!
Today I did another SSIW lesson whilst painting my son’s bedroom but haven’t yet done the challenge, which was to get someone to write a short dialogue with me. I nominated my husband but he has also been busy doing DIY so hasn’t got round to it yet. Hopefully we’ll manage once the kids are in bed.
I am feeling very nervous about starting my No English challenge tomorrow. Worried I’ll have to end up keeping uncharacteristically silent all week, which is NOT the point at all!
Wish me luck. I’ll post updates every evening.


Helo Ceri ,
I wish you luck.
And I’m looking forward to reading about your week yn Ngymraeg. I’m sure you’ll be doing very well.


But don’t worry when you do get hit by patches of silence - that time to think, without being allowed to wriggle back into English, is hugely valuable for the learning process… :slight_smile:

Wow! Diolch yn fawr!!!

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