5 Common Mistakes in Spanish

This is a video from the YouTube Hyperpolyglot Activist channel that talks about 5 common mistakes that English speakers make when they’re first learning Spanish:



Generally some very good tips. Not sure how “computadora” would be accepted in Spain, though. During the twelve years that I lived there, I heard only “ordenador”. I assume that computadora is Latin American Spanish.

Yes, definitely Latin American Spanish. I originally learnt Spanish with South Americans and used to say ‘computadora’ but had to swiftly change to ‘ordenador’ when I come to live in the Basque Country :slight_smile:

One of the most common difficulties for English speakers learning Spanish is when to use “estar” and when to use “ser” as they can both be translated as “to be” in English.

Carlos from the Hyperpolyglot Activist YouTube Channel has made a video explaining the differences. The beginning might be a little overly grammatical for some, but it quite quickly gets into examples then gives you a chance to say which you think it should be with sample sentences.

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