30 minutes BBC Radio Cymru

I listened to BBC Radio Cymru for half an hour this morning and wrote down 36 words I recognized. Of these I got 31 right and 5 I had to look up in the vocabulary notes. So, I gues it isn’t all gibberish any more… The other thing I heard was a man with a very strange way of speaking. The sounds came from far away at the back of his throat.


Dwi’n gwilio rygbi S4C - one commentator I understand to some degree, he is very clear spoken. Another I can’t tell a sodding word, he has a very guttural ‘back of the throat’ accent, exactly as you put it! I sometimes find Iolo Williams hard to catch when he goes very guttural. It’s a sort of chest/throat accent as opposed to a more ‘head’ accent (as one might say in singing).

That’s brilliant @vincent-wibier, I hope you’re feeling pretty chuffed with your achievement! Once I’d started recognising words I was amazed how often I would hear them. Keep listening, it’s so exciting grasping new words, phrases, bits of conversation-it will all just keep growing from now on.


I have a problem with Tudur Owen - in fact with anyone from the island or with Cofis. That 100 mile an hour presentation means that if I pick up a phrase or two (on Trysorau…, for example) it’s an occasion for self-congratulation!

I have started listening to Sian Cothi in the mornings and was brave enough to text an answer to a competition. I felt so proud of myself, the answer was correct!!!