2nd SSiW Anniversary

Heia pawb,

Today is two years to the day since I signed up with SSiW and listened to my first lesson. It is very hard to fully express my gratitude to Aran, Catrin, Iestyn and Cat for creating SaySomethingIn.com and building the amazing course materials available on this site. Because of their work and dedication, I have achieved a long held dream; I am a Welsh speaker! On that first day, there is no way that I could imagine myself living a whole week through nothing but the Welsh language; meeting up with other learners twice a month, and speaking only Welsh during those meetings; reading books written for Welsh speaking teens (not learners); thinking in Welsh and incredibly, dreaming in Welsh.

Of course, its not been all plain sailing. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, doubts and difficulties. But all though that time, I have had this forum to turn to for answers, advice, help and a shot in the arm when I badly needed it. I am so proud to be a part of this very special community. I very much hope that I in turn have been able to contribute to the learning experiences of my fellow dysgwyr to some small extent.

I owe so much to so many of you all that I just wanted to post this and say “Diolch o waelod calon i chi!”



Just realised there’s another anniversary today as well, Stu:
On 16 September 1400, Glyndŵr instigated the Welsh Revolt against the rule of Henry IV of England.

Many congratulations Stu. Always a pleasure to read uplifting success stories like yours.



Llongyfarchiadau, Stu :slight_smile:

Well done Stu, a great achievement. There are many who have also benefited greatly from your encouragement and practical help over the past two years, me included, so thank you too!

Andy :slight_smile:

Happy 2nd anniversary Stu!

Aw, da iawn Stu - you have really worked hard to get to the standard that you have achieved. You deserve every success. Llongyfarchiadau a phob lwc i ti.

Well done Stu. Llongyfarchiadau mawrion mawr!

Llongyfarchiadau, Stu! Ti wedi gwneud arbennig o dda! Dylet ti deimlo’n falch iawn! And you’ve been a great help and inspiration to those of us coming up behind you too. :slight_smile:



:dawnsio: From me too.

SSIW induces a bit of religious fervour - that need to evangelise (can’t spell proselitise). I even found out the chap who serviced my gas boiler yesterday is using SSIW - the chaps at the football club had told him it’s the way to go for busy working dads who want to keep up with their children at Welsh school. I was so pleased. I even forgave him the lukewarm bath this morning as he’d altered all my hot water settings!