2022 Meet Ups

Monday 17 January is the next one. This time at The Orangerie, The Speech House Hotel Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 7EL although it’s changed venues with some on the outskirts of Gloucester and some in the Forest. Meetings have been on different days of thecweek including a Saturdsy lsst time.

@fi-benson co-ordinates and there is a Facebook page. Please let Fi know if you intend to come and/or let her have your email in a private message here so she can update you about future meetings.

Thanks Andy. I’m happy to re-start the meeting at the Bell in Shurdington GL51 4XQ, on a regular weekday evening, say the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm, as it was before, if those writing above are interested. I personally would prefer to wait until February, though, in the hope that the worst of the Omicron pandemic will have passed by then but, if others are keen to go ahead before then that’s fine by me.

Hi, Russell. I’ve just had a chat with Anthony, and we’ve arranged to meet on Thursday 6 January at the Sandford Park Alehouse, Cheltenham at 1230. If you’re free, you’re welcome to join us.


Hi Steve, thanks, yes I’ll aim to join you and Anthony on the 6th in Cheltenham. Be in touch close to the time.

Thanks Sharon, would you happen to know of any similar groups in Suffolk or Norfolk?

That’s great, hope to see you then.

Have a look at this thread Berwyn - it’s from pre-covid but @maynard (John) might know what’s happening these days. East Anglia Welsh

Hi . Blwyddyn newydd dda. The East Anglia groups ( norfolk and Cambridge) are still functioning via Zoom meetup every Monday evening from 7.30 pm. There are a good number attending of all levels. Greg Pearce runs this event . Please pv me your email and ill get Greg to include you on the regular email list @berwynclarke88

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I live in Cheltenham but just started mynediad level 1 or level 1 challenge 15 in SSIW.


Email is berwynclarke88@gmail.com

Ill message Greg now

Hi Russell
I live in Stratford upon Avon, probably not too far from you. I too would relish the chance to practice speaking Welsh. Am part way through Mynediad 2, completed Mynediad 1 last year and looking to improve my listening and spoken Welsh in particular with SSiW.

Hi Paul, Yes Stratford upon Avon is just a few miles away. I live in Mickleton. Yes it would be great to get some practice speaking Welsh with you. Maybe we could meet up in Stratford?

Hi Russell
Mickleton, that really is close. I live on the South side of the river so even better. My email is pauldact1@gmail.com do you want to let me the sort of time and days that would suit you?

Hi, B. Don’t know whether you are free this coming Thursday (6th)? If you are, please feel free to join us in the Sandford Park Alehouse at 1230.


@Jp2kme Think I should have tagged you in my reply - apologies. A small group is meeting in the Sandford Park Alehouse tomorrow (Thursday 6th) at 1230. If you’re free, would be good to see you there.

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I am re-starting a Welsh meeting between Gloucester and Cheltenham at the Bell Inn in Shurdington GL51 4XQ at 7.30pm every 2nd Wednesday starting on 9th March. It is a pleasant venue on the main Cheltenham to Stroud road, partly chosen because of the bus stop opposite. I know Steve and Andy came to our last meeting before the pandemic and we usually have one or two native Welsh speakers attending. Anyone of any linguistic ability is very welcome although an ability to sit for prolonged periods in the lotus position is desirable. That last bit is of course a joke and simply reflects my frivolous mood today.
Hwyl, Nic

I’ve given this its own thread @nic so it is easier to find and I can add it to the list in Post-pandemic Meetups

Deborah (and all), I just posted in a message reply, that I’m organising a meet up at the Lockkeepers in Gloucester, Friday 13 May, 11 am, if anyone is interested. Not sure if I’m posting in the right place :slight_smile: