2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**

Here’s announcing: Our first Tresaith Bwtcamp of 2020!

It will run from 4pm Saturday 25th April - 10 am Saturday 2nd of May (bank Holiday Weekend. Please let me know below if you want to be a part of it! Once we have enough names (about 14 usually) then we’ll open booking on a first come first serve basis.

Please ask any specific April Bwtcamp questions below.

For more general questions and information about Bwtcamp, take a look at the 2020 page here

Also, for anyone wanting to prime the Welsh language pump before starting Bwtcamp - just to get the juices flowing! - there are Ar Lafar festival events happening in Aberystwyth and Drefach Felindre during the day on Saturday. Aberystwyth is about 45 minutes from Tresaith, and Drefach Felindre is about 20 minutes. More details here: https://learnwelsh.cymru/learning/ar-lafar/


I would definitely like to go on the Bwtcamp in April. Please put my name on the list. I will have completed level 1 by the time it begins.
Lisa Vickers


Brilliant! That enthusiasm will carry you a long, long way!

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Just realised I posted in the wrong thread, so here it is again!
Great! I’m potentially interested thanks @Iestyn but already have something pencilled in for 25/4 (it is a Welsh activity!) Can you give an approx idea of extra cost for food & visit entry charges please. Also, what are the sleeping arrangements? Sorry if I’ve missed this info.

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I’ve answered your general query over on the 2020 thread, jenny. On the subject of the start day, we usually start Bwtcamp at about 4 in the afternoon. How does that fit with your existing plans?

Diolch @Iestyn for that info and the link to the accommodation. Always helpful to see where you’re going to lay your weary head! It could work rather well as I was planning on going to the Ar Lafar Learner’s Festival in Aberystwyth on 25/4. No timetable for that yet, just the date. Please keep me in the loop and I’ll keep checking back here as well.

I’m very, very interested in this.

I finished the first course a long, long while ago and if I’m honest I’ve only dabbled in the Welsh since then. This Bwtcamp gives me real motivation and a target date to refresh my memory of the first course and finish the others!

I’d really like to sign up for this, so please bear me in mind.

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Hi Iestyn,
I’m definitely interested. I just missed out on one last year and then health issues prevented me trying for another one. I haven’t done a huge amount recently but have completed Level 3 and have had fairly regular chats with another learner here in North East England. I did do a Wlpan week 30 years ago when we lived in Llanrhystud but I feel my speaking and understanding is pretty rusty! Hopefully a whole week of Welsh will be exhausting but very productive. Gobeithio!

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Is there a hotel/B&B nearby to use instead of dorms. I’m not keen on dorms and my wife simply will not entertain the idea. I understand we would have to pay our own way for this, not looking for discount or special measures for us. Other than that we are very interested.

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I am interested please put my name in list. Sandra Agnew


At various bootcamps since the very first one, I have enjoyed staying at the flats just next to and jointly run by the Canolfan. On one occasion I shared a flat with one of the other bwtcampwyr. Here’s a link

@louis has stayed at the Ship Inn down near the beach some time ago and may be able to advise on suitability.


I’m very interested


My wife and my daughter stayed at the Ship Inn with me on a number of occasions, and they liked it a lot, as did I. The room charges were quite reasonable, and the rooms are clean.
The restaurant is good - seabass in particular, according to Wendy - and the bar has a good selection of draught ales - Parchedig Iago is the best. The beer garden has the best view in the world. And you hear quite a bit of Welsh spoken :slight_smile:


The only downside being that there’s a bloomin group of Welsh speakers seem to appear from somewhere at about 9 most nights, talking and singing and playing 20 questions style games… :wink:

But @ken - these are all options. There are more details of the flats next door on the same tresaith.net website as the pictures of the centre (along with contact details). If you would like to check availability with them (April shouldn’t be too difficult, but later bwtcamps, particularly July, would be more difficult, because of the tourist season) then I’m sure they can pencil you in.

One question. Are you and your wife coming on Bwtcamp together, or is your wife staying in Tresaith while you are on Bwtcamp? Remember that Bwtcamp is a full immersion in a Welsh speaking world, and while you will get a lot out of being a ‘day bwtcamper’ and going back to a more English-based lifestyle overnight, you may not get anything like the full benefit if you’re not fully immersed. That’s not a hard and fast rule, as it depends very much on previous experience and personality type,so if you’d like to have a chat about how to go about it, you’re welcome to get in touch.

Just to be absolutely clear - I’m not talking about ‘not being in the dorms’ as a potential negative, but about being in a situation where you take time out of Bwtcamp rules and revert to English. That sounds a bit harsh, I know, but really, it’s THE thing that makes Bwtcamp work!

And just to add - that’s 7 (possibly 8) so far, so it looks like we’ve got the interest for this bwtcamp. I’ll wait for about 14 (shouldn’t be a problem once Christmas is out of the way, and Deborah has had a chance to put the date in the email) before putting the booking page up, so keep an eye on the thread. I’ll announce the booking date here and in Deborah’s email, and give plenty of notice.

And then a week in the blazing Tresaith sunshine will beckon! (Should be blazing sun, the end of April in coastal Wales, I think…)

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Yes please! I’m looking forward to the opportunity to go to a boot camp…can’t wait! I’m having so much joy from speaking Welsh to people in Ty Tawe, Merched y Wawr and whenever I can find someone who will listen! I do hope that you have room !

Thank you Iestyn.

We are planning to both come. We have both done Mynediad intense offline course and are currently on Sylfaen intense course. I have done levels 1,2 & 3 SSIW. My wife is on challenge 15 of level 1. I think we have enough welsh in us to benefit from Bwtcamp.

To make this possible I am currently trying to arrange care for my mum who lives with us. (Not easy!)

Our intention is that the flat/room would simply be a bed and bath for the night. We would not opt out of any time from the immersion experience including sharing meals and cooking/clearing duties if needed.

As people in our 60’s we start to nod off around 9.00 p.m. in the evening but we would try our best to be fully involved. Otherwise it would be a waste of time and money.

And we love singing.


Definitely interested, as I’m looking forward to using my free place from the Competition earlier in the year :slight_smile:



I’d like to come along please!

Diolch yn fawr


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Yes I’m definitely interested. Been learning a few months now and really enjoying but as yet not very practised in speaking to others