2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp June 22-29 - **Last minute space available**

Last minute Space available

See bookwhen.com/ssiw

Following Friday’s stampede to book the July date, I’ve decided to release a June date to see if we can offer some places to people who were disappointed in July (or May).

The June bwtcamp will run from Saturday 22nd- Saturday 29th of June Please let me know below if you are interested. Once we have enough names (about 14 usually) then we’ll open booking on a first come first serve basis.

Please ask any specific June Bwtcamp questions below.

For more general questions and information about Bwtcamp, take a look at the 2019 page here

Also, please let me know particularly if you have already missed out on July or even May, and we may have a look at giving preferential treatment to people who’ve expressed an interest before and missed out.



Yes. I am interested. Travelling from Oz.

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I was hoping for May but missed out and I couldn’t make the July date and won’t be able to make the June date! I’m hoping there might be a date in September which I can manage. Shouldn’t be so busy!

Hoffwn i ddod.
(Methiant mis Gorffennaf. :disappointed_relieved:)

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I’d like to come. Expressed interest in July but missed out.
Mike Brown

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Defo interested! Had computer meltdown on Friday, so missed out on July - but wld love to do June :slight_smile:

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Hi Iestyn. I would really like to come on the June Bwtcamp if space is available. Having found out about the graduation clashing I mentioned earlier, I naturally didn’t try to book the July camp in the end as I had intended.

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Hi, I’m really really interested. I didn’t add my expressions of interest to the previous ones because of the stampede, I knew I had no chance, but fingers crossed this time x

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I definitely want to attend the June Bwtcamp 22-29 Mehefin, please!
Diolch a chofion, Alexandra

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Unfortunately can’t do June and missed out on July but am going to Eisteddfodd so hopefully meet up with lots of people there.


I’m interested in doing the June bwtcamp also

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Would also like to express an interest - missed out on July.

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I’m interested

I’m interested as well :slight_smile:

OK - while things are still a bit quiet (ie, still hovering around the 11 mark!), I’m going to announce a booking date. It will be a week Friday - the 12th April - at the usual 21:00hours Wales time, but that is now BST (daylight saving), in case other clocks haven;t changed by then.

There is a countdown clock on the Bookwhen page, so it should give you the correct time where you are anyway. Worth checking that before you set your alarms.

I’m also going to ‘break’ the system a bit this time, as I’m aware that there are a few people who have tried but missed out on booking previous Bwtcamps. It’s going to be a bit of an honesty system - If anyone is thinking of booking, and has missed out before, but hasn’t said about it above, then please let me know. I hope everyone understands if I book a few people on myself before booking proper opens, so that people who have missed out before don’t keep on missing out.

I hope everyone is ok with that. We’ll see how it runs with this bwtcamp, and then I guess we could do some kind of 'missed out on booking? A ‘put yourself on the priority list for the next bwtcamp’ kind of list, but let me think about that before I promise anything!

So, a week Friday it is for booking. And new people are still welcome to note their interest below!


I’m interested too please!

I’m just registering my interest in Bwtcamp - I have had to book all my annual leave up until Spring 2020 and can’t make this one, but just in case there’s one scheduled in the future for a week that I am off - I’m getting my name out there!

This is brill. I’m definitely still interested (having missed out on July), and have pencilled the week with work. Crossing my fingers :smiley:

I’m very interested. Thanks

Sounds like fun Kathryn and a great way to kickstart your Welsh!