2019 September Tresaith Bwtcamp ***Fully Booked***

Fully Booked

Our last Tresaith Bwtcamp of 2019 will run from Saturday 21st - Saturday 28th of September. Please let me know below if you are interested. Once we have enough names (about 14 usually) then we’ll open booking on a first come first serve basis.

Please ask any specific September Bwtcamp questions below.

For more general questions and information about Bwtcamp, take a look at the 2019 page here


Sign me up for the September bwtcamp. I’ve already got my plane tickets. Can’t wait!

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Me please! I’m in!!!

I’m interested Iestyn x

Jo Williams,Please add my name to the list for September.Diolch.)

I’m interested!!
Austin Hill

Fydd bwtcamp yfed rhag rhai sy’n di dysgi Cymraeg Gogledd yn mis Medi? Dw i eisiau gwneud bwtcamp yn fawr iawn!!!

Very interested!

Hi Iestyn,
Yes please could I come to the Sep camp. I was absolutely gutted I had to pull out of the June one!

Yes, I’d love to come if I can sort childcare - which shouldn’t be a problem.

Terry McCormick, completed six month course in late May and currently enjoying speeding through all the challenges again.

Please count me in. I am booked into a cottage in Bethania from 1st-14th of October, and this would be a brilliant fit, if I can work out the logistics .

Please sign me up.

Hello Iestyn, yes I’m interested.


Hi Iestyn

I would be interested.


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Whilst this is way out of my comfort zone I think I’m interested!


Please sign me up for September’s Bwtcamp!:smiley:

I am interested.

Hello . Definitely want to do this. How do I sign up please?

Great to see so much interest here! Keep an eye on this thread and in the newsletter for the date when bookings will open. You’ll be given quite a bit of warning, so you shouldn’t miss it.

I’m interested too! Sorry not to get back before, I’ve been in Russia wrestling with my very basic Russian…