2017 Singing categories - more information

This thread is especially for those of you entering singing categories as you may have specific questions to do with the recording and sending in your entries etc. @dafyddyfelin is our Submissions Officer with lots of experience from previous Online Eisteddfods, so he should be able to advise you in that area.

In the meantime, here is the link to buy the sheet music for O Gymru that I THOUGHT I had included in the Categories document, but somehow didn’t :blush:


Is a link to a recommended version of Tra Bo Dau (sheet music)? I can find several SATB versions but a solo version would be easier.

Also, the lyrics linked to in the document has 4 verses but the Lowri Evans version has 3. Are you expecting all 4 or is it up to us whether we do 3 or 4 verses (last verse has slightly different lyrics in the two versions as well).


Here’s probably the best example because it’s easy to follow :slight_smile:

For ease, let’s go with this version. However, slight variation in lyrics is normal in Welsh folk music.

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That is the link that was in the original document. It is lyrics only, not sheet music. The choral entry has a link to sheet music to buy.

Oh sorry. Um, I’m not sure I have sheet music. Possibly @Iestyn would be willing to take a photo from his book of songs he takes to bwtcamp? However, we will have to wait until after he’s home from France.

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Does this link help? - Tra Bo Dau (Unawd/solo)

Sorry, I just got home from the National Eisteddfod today so catching up.

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I have it in one of my songbooks. Scanned copy will be on its way in a minute or two :slight_smile:


Diolch am hynny Siaron :sunglasses:

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Diolch! That is SO helpful :slight_smile:


I’d like to post this as an alternate for Tra Bo Dau. The one siaron posted didn’t quite match what I’ve heard so I typeset this one.The 2nd verse is not commonly done it seems. Let me know if you spot an error.

Tra Bo Dau.pdf (80.1 KB)


That’s really useful @craigf diolch. I’ll send it out as an attachment with this week’s newsletter and see if we can encourage a few more people to have a go. After all, it’s only a sound file that is required. No one needs to video themselves :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t use my SoundCloud to upload entry as I don’t want to have more than one SoundCloud acount and you’d immediately know who’s entering so is there a possibility I give it somewhere to download or as an attachment?

(Oh, I’m not sure I’d participate at all though, but just in case…)

I think you can just record it as a sound file and email it to the special email address set up by @dafyddyfelin and then he puts them on SoundCloud anonymously, but I’m not 100% sure how he does it.

Dafydd, can you answer the question please?

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Thank you for your answer @Deborah-SSi but as much as I can recall, people put the recordings on SoundCloud by themselves and posted the link to @dafyddyfelin. That’s why I’ve put the question here. I asume it was made so because after Online Eisteddfod I’ve seen someone putting something else on that same their acount and the thing was not connected to Eisteddfod anymore. But, however, I might be mistaken.

Well, if it is neccessary, I’ll create one more acount just for (potentially) these occassions … :slight_smile:

Hello Tatjana

Yes, you’re right. Entrants are asked to upload their recording to Soundcloud and send me the link to use in the Eisteddfod and this is the preferred method. Exceptionally an entrant has been unable to do this for one reason or another and instead has sent me the file which I have uploaded myself.

I’m not sure how Soundcloud works, so just asking the question for clarification @dafyddyfelin - does this mean that participants need to set up a separate Soundcloud account with their Ffugenw, so that no other possibly identifying information is displayed?

That’s a good point which did come up before and had forgotten about. I guess that if the name of the Soundcloud account happens to give away the identity of the entrant, they would have to create another or let me do the upload. My identity would be irrelevant as I certainly shall not be singing (or it would rain for a week).


I didn’t forget about so that’s why I’ve asked … :slight_smile: My acount would surely reveal my identity but I believe my last year’s identity was not actually revealed as I didn’t win any prize so I could use this one and spread it further. :slight_smile:

Diolch @dafyddyfelin a paid a poeni … If I decide to participate I’ll do an acount and use it for such (anonymous) purposes It could be used for ages as I doubt I’d ever win anything. Maybe, if the acount used only for Eisteddfod and this related it would be wise to be prevented of following it so the people could “forget” about it through the whole year. :slight_smile: (just spreading thoughts though).

So when we need some rain I’d ask you to sing. :smile: :slight_smile:

However I bet your singing is just fine, surely better than mine. If I think a bit more … when it snows you’d know I’m singing. :smile:

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I’m sure you’re both far too modest about your singing abilities!

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