2017 Questions about the Eisteddfod

Here is where you can ask about this year’s Eisteddfod and we’ll answer as soon as we can. If you’ve participated in previous years, please feel free to share your experiences with those asking questions.

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Hiya, a couple of years off from SSiW, but I’m back, with questions. What’s the closing date for entries this year, and how big can a small group be for the O Gymru section?

I sing in a choir with a lot of learners, and we’d like to enter a group for this section, but we’re a big choir …


@cymraescrochet thanks for the question. The group is 2 and up. So if you have a small town of learners (how good would that be?!) we’d love to hear you sing together :smile: (black and white - no upper limit).

P.S. Apology for the delay - bwtcamp finished this morning :slight_smile:


We’ll be accepting entries between the 18th and 29th September. Looking forward to hearing your entry!

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In the original post announcing the Categories and Rules, you said that there was a link in the pdf to a site where the sheet music for O Gymru could be purchased - I can’t find that link. Am I missing something?

Thanks for being the SSIW Gorsedd!


No, you’re not missing anything! I was so sure I had included that link, but somehow in the rush to get it out before bootcamp I must have just dreamt it. Diolch yn fawr iawn for bringing that omission to my attention. I’ll rectify it now and make a new thread with the link in so everyone can see it :blush:


To what email address do we send photographs?

Hi Harvey,

Great to see you’re keen to enter!

The email address is a special one set up for the Online Eisteddfod and it will be announced just before the submission period, which is between the 18th and 29th September.

Pob lwc!

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