17 year old learner looking for chat partner

Sh’mae pawb
I have to admit, the headline would fit quite nicely to a dating forum but here we go. :smiley:

Sophie dw i, dw i’n 17 oed a dw i’n byw yn yr Almaen. Gobeithio i astudio Politics and Welsh yn yr Prifysgol Abertawe y bwlyddyn nesaf.
I’m desperately looking for someone to practice with, preferrably someone my age and from South Wales (because I’m learning South Welsh) but older Gogs are welcome too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance


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Haha. You made me startled with this for a split of second until I’ve read the post. :slight_smile:

The title is just perfect though. Hope you find someone.

Haha don’t worry, I’m not looking for a date :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks :smiley:

:slight_smile: I know. :slight_smile:

Shwmae Sophie, a chroeso i’r fforwm!
Well, I’m definitely not 17 (just over double that in fact!), but I live in South Wales (Barry) and I’ve completed all the (available) southern lessons and challenges. I also have family in Swansea so I frequent there sometimes too!
So if you have trouble finding a sgwrs partner closer your age, I would be happy to help. :blush:

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Age doesn’t matter really :slight_smile: I’ve only completed Lesson 13 and my Welsh is far from being good :stuck_out_tongue: What’s your Skype name?

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My Skype name is ‘gavlar781’. And it doesn’t matter what level you’re at either. Just use what you know, and hopefully you will pick up a lot more from the chats!
Let me know when the best times are for you to practice and we’ll arrange a time to chat. Tonight won’t be good though as I’m currently at work, but I will definitely be happy to arrange something soon…

I’ve added you :smile: I’ve got summer holidays now so I’ve got a lot of time. When does it fit you best?

Well, Sundays are normally good, but I do get the odd occasion where I have to work! So… I’m free to chat up until 2:30pm all next week (I’m working lates this week!), Saturday and Sunday all day, then after 3pm all the week after (working earlies!). Take your pick!

I’ll just accept your request while I’m still here too! :smile:

I’ll be getting up late in the mornings but I’m sure I’ll manage before 2.30 pm :stuck_out_tongue: How about tomorrow? Got a driving lesson at 2pm CEST so I’ll be up early anyway.

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Tomorrow will be great! Shall we say 12:30? Gives you time to prepare for your driving lesson afterwards. Up to you how long you want to practice for then!

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Sounds good :smiley: 12:30 UK time?

12:30 CEST, which I’m guessing will be 10:30 Cymru time! Will that be ok??

I thought you guys had daylight saving time too :stuck_out_tongue: Which would make it 11:30 Cymru time

I didn’t even know that Germany didn’t! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Well, it’s 9:30 here now, so what time do you make it there??

10:30, it’s just an hour difference :stuck_out_tongue:

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Germany and Slovenia have the same time zone and as far as I know we all have daylight saving time. It’s just You in UK are 1 hour behind us, that’s all!

Happy skypeing you two. :slight_smile:


Ahh ok! Well, I just need to do a few things around here first and I should be free in an hours time. Would that be ok??

An hour would be awesome, my mum is currently occupying the bathroom but I should be ready by then

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Hi Sophie, and a very warm welcome to the forum :sunny:

You’ve found someone great to start practising your Welsh with - Gav will be able to give you excellent advice and support - and I’m sure over the coming weeks some of our other southern learners will be able to try and find some more connections for you :sunny: