122 days to go...Is it too early to be excited about Eisteddfod Maldwyn 2015?

My new tent arrived today.
The very suggestion of a camping holiday usually sees me reverting to a well rehearsed list of earwig related excuses. But not this year! This year, I have chosen to embrace the outdoor lifestyle and the sharing of my ear canal with a variety of crawlies.
Eisteddfod Sir Gar last year has left me with many happy memories and I still miss the view of the Pink Pavilion on my drive into Llanelli. I had a great time volunteering in Maes D, meeting Nia Parry, my 50 seconds of fame on DalAti! and watching the Crowning and Chairing ceremonies. How could I miss all that fun for the sake of a few earwigs!
I’ve put myself down to volunteer every morning in Maes D. Can’t wait!
Forget about 36 days till the election. It’s only 122 till the Eisteddfod! :sunny:


Actually, you’re slightly late - family Jones have been excited for a few months now - but we’ll let you off if you had to wait for a new tent to arrive…:wink:

The last Eisteddfod in Meifod was the best Eisteddfod ever (in my entirely unbiased opinion). I’ve got a feeling this one will be pretty special too :sunny:



Once I get over the trauma of tent assembling, I’m sure it’ll be marvellous. :smile:
I’m feeling a lot more confident with my Welsh this year, so I’m hoping to get involved in as many activities as possible.
Who else is planning on making the journey this year? I’d be very grateful for your experiences of the camp site and its facilities.

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If it makes you feel better, they’re called earwigs because they’re often found in ears of corn. Your hearing apparatus should be safe. :smile:


Just you wait until you see the line -up of contemporary bands, posting as much as I can on www.gilydd.com It will knock Glastonbury for 6