10th Birthday Party Goers - Name Badges?

Myself and the SSiW 10th Birthday Party organising team are currently trying to chose which type of name badges we are going to purchase for party guests.

We are taking in to consideration that this will be a glam evening. We are therefore aware that guests will be all dressed up, some in new clothes, possibly with delicate fabrics, jewellery, scarves, ties and various other possible accessories. We want guests to be able to recognise each other by name and to make it easier for them to mingle, but we don’t want to ruin anyone’s outfit.

We’ve looked at various options from pins to lanyards, stickers to magnets and clips. All have both negative and positive aspects and each of us have different opinions.

So I thought we’d set up a poll to see what you thought, as you are the ones who are going to be wearing them. The only choice I’ve left out is the sticker name badge as they don’t rend to last the evening and in my opinion look a bit tatty. Please also include any opinions or ideas you may have for us to consider. Diolch! :slight_smile:

  • Safety pin style badge
  • Lanyard
  • Badge with metal crocodile clip
  • Badge with plastic crocodile clip
  • Magnetic badge

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In all honesty it doesn’t matter which to me so if I knew the cost I would vote for the cheapest.


I voted for lanyard because they are the easiest to wear regardless of clothing. But honestly I’m happy with whatever you decide is cost effective



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I don’t really have an objection to any option, although I agree with Catriona that lanyards may be easiest - with a possible added bonus that if we were to get the “Welsh speaker” ones, everyone can keep them and reuse them in when they want to (we could maybe get some plain ones for people who don’t speak Welsh but are accompanying SSiWers)?

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I have to support the Lanyard as it is the most flexible option in my opinion. Clips and pins can be fiddly and dependent upon suitable bits of one’s attire to attach to.


I have voted for lanyard. Be good to have the village, town, city where people currently live too as a talking starting point and/or to find other learners who live close by.


I suggest lanyard, and with lanyards, it’s a REALLY GOOD IDEA to print the name on both sides (in large type), because the darn things have a habit of turning over on you!