1000 Most Common Words - in Spreadsheet form

Hi All,

I remember downloading this spreadsheet about six months ago. It claims to be the most common 1000 words in English, and their Welsh counterpart.

Can’t remember how I got hold of it - it might have been from a Facebook group, it might have been from here. I really can’t remember, just ran into it on my hard drive whilst looking for something else.

I figured someone here might find it useful. I’ve chucked it on my Google Docs - I believe the permissions to view are correct, but if you’re having any issues - let me know and I will aim to please.

EDIT: This is now editable by any of us :slight_smile:

(No claims as to how correct some of these are, as I’ve already seen a few where I would use different words, but hey!)


There are some glaring errors in there.

This is potentially a useful list, in that it gives an answer with some authority to the question “which words are most important in order quickly to build the most useful vocabulary”. I would caution against using it as a dictionary, though! :slight_smile:


I’ll happily make it write-able if we (as SSIW forum) want to take ownership of this particular document and make it right for us

EDIT: I have to admit, despite having the document for 6 months I still haven’t given it a real proper look.


As Rob says there are a lot of errors, also a lot of missing info and a lot of entries that are superfluous. Very interesting though, thanks for sharing.


If anyone’s interested, I have a PDF of the 625 most common words. It’s just a list in English though, which I was working my way through and translating for my own use. I haven’t got very far with it yet, but I thought that doing the translating myself would be useful as part of the learning process.

A quick glance at the spreadsheet showed that it could be confusing to use as a resource, for example for “fat” it had “braster”, which is correct, but it’s fat the noun and you’d want “tew” for the adjective and it didn’t make this clear. But if we (as a group) could correct this sort of thing it could be useful for others.


I’ve made the original list/document “writeable”. Meaning anyone with the link can amend it where they see any errors.

I’ve corrected a couple already, but then someone in work called me, and asked me to actually do some work :frowning:

This smells like a… dare I say it… piece of collaboration :D:D


It would also be helpful if it included the gender of nouns, but yes, that could be a thing we could collaborate on and with all of us working on it, it wouldn’t take all that long.


So, I can see the document but if I wanted to edit it would I need the “sheets” app on my device?

My understanding is that you should be able to edit the spreadsheet directly from the browser.


I’ve editted but not sure if it’s ok, I think it is. (Only a few de-mutations, nothing big).

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Hi all,

I’ve put a searchable dictionary online with 1600 common words and phrases, and an approximate pronounciation for 800 of them. http://parallel.cymru/?p=2099

Nicky, did you have any ideas of what you wanted to with your list?


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