£10 subscription

Hi all , I just subscribed to the £10 a month option via pay pal does it take a while to come through no conformation and no way of telling if i have subscribed or not.

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I’m sure one of the admins will see this before long, but if you want to check with them directly, you can email admin@saysomethingin.com

No doubt everything will be up and running for you soon, so welcome to the forum and to SSiW :slight_smile:

tnx for replying still nothing starting challenge 14 today , I dont want to lose momentum … does the paypal option actually work …

It should do. I’ll tag @Iestyn for you - he might have an idea who sorts that side of things.

Hi @jez-jones, if you didn’t get confirmation then there’s a good chance it hasn’t gone through.

There is a step at the end after you return from the PayPal page where you have to give your final authorisation for the payment. Sometimes people miss that step, and it sounds like that’s what might have happened here. The PayPal confirmation comes immediately.

I would check your PayPal account and if there is nothing there, then try again and make sure you click the final authorisation of payment button back on the SSiW page at the end.


I did go through this time but it didnt look as if it was gunna go thro but when i went to do it again this time with a cc it flashed up to say it had
Thanks a lot take Care

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ps could it possible to be added to the chat thing email t4spares@gmail.com
tnx in advance

Just done that for you now :slight_smile: