£10/month questions

hi im uni student and ive been playing the word game on the say somthing in welsh app and completed challange one just im thinking about buying the £10/month subcrbtion just few questions 1.does it force auto renew on you 2.is there a student discount?

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I’m pretty sure that you can cancel at any time without any cost.
I assume that the scholarship scheme is still going, which loves to offer financial assistance to a limited number of applicants who would be in need of it rather than missing out on learning Welsh. I think the way forward is to please email Asdmin@asysomethingin.com

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oh ok but what i mean is if i buy 1 month and that expires will i have to manully buy another month or will it automaticly renew

Your £10 subscription will automatically renew until you cancel.


oh yuck can i turn this off

Do you mean cancel a subscription? Yes, you just have to ask admin@saysomethingin.com

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no i dont mean canel a subcription i mean if i want to buy more months i will have to do that myself instead of the computer doing that for me

I don’t think it’s possible to buy one month at a time (or any amount of months) manually. The subscription is a monthly payment that is set up by direct debit between saysomethingin and your bank which happens automatically unless you cancel it.

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oh thats annoying

my monthly renewal is due tomorrow, 22nd Sept, but have not received this week’ s lesson. I should have week 22, but nothing as yet.

I’d ping an email to admin@saysomethingin.com - I am sure they will sort it out

Rich :slight_smile:

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So very sorry you’re experiencing problems Rosemary. On @aran’s request I’m tagging him in this message so he can check what’s gone wrong first thing tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much.

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If I didn’t have autorenew I would forget every time :grin:
I don’t understand exactly what you find annoying but if you use PayPal like I do, you can just keep it active or disable before next payment so not too different I guess?

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Hi Rosemary - this sounds as though you may have been hit with the email deliverability problem we’ve been having - there’s an explanation here about how you can access everything in your online control panel instead, while we’re trying to fix it: