10 day boot camp

Just started the 10 day boot camp lesson 11 course 2 done also have done a couple of the daily practice lessons and been doing the challenge can’t wait to see how my welsh will be in 10 days. Haven’t been on the forum before not sure how to keep thread going

Shwmae, a chroeso i’r fforwm!
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Pob lwc gyda dy fŵtcamp di!

Thank you for that Gavin

Great, welcome to the forum! It’s great to see you taking action - there’s nothing more important…:star:

Day 2 of boot camp have completed lesson 12 that was the easy part. The friend I chose to help with the challenge thought it was good fun writing in welsh was not so easy as have not done anything like this since school new the words but had to think about spelling

Don’t worry about the spelling at all! That stuff just doesn’t matter at this point…:smile:

So well done for pushing on through Day 2!..:star:

Have just done the challenge for day 7 didn’t know about podcasts. A few words I didn’t know so wrote these down to translate later. Really enjoyed the challenge but had to go really fast to keep up by third time lot easier as didn’t have to write much looking forward to next one

Well done! Sorry I’ve been away for a while - but I’d love to hear how the rest of this went for you…:smile: