1 female space available for Wythnos Byw yn Gymraeg July 22-26

Mae 'na un ystafell i rannu ar ol am Wythnos Byw yn Gymraeg yn Gorfennaf i menyw/ dynes.

Byddet ti’n rannu efo fi :smiley:

Dw i wedi bod i Garth Newydd dwywaith o flaen ac mae hi’n ardderchog!

Hi! There is one female space still available for Wythnos Byw yn Gymraeg for July 22-26.
I am also going and you’d be sharing a room with me.
I have been on the week in Garth Newydd twice before and it’s an amazing experience. You always come away with so much more confidence in your Welsh speaking.
I have written an article about my last experience at Garth Newydd for Lingo, link below:

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Oh, how I wish I could attend! Unfortunately, as the primary caretaker for my elderly mother, I’m unable to travel right now. I am hopeful there with be other opportunities in future as situations change. Best of luck to you!

I hope so!