Your forum requests/suggestions on Trello

Here’s an openly viewable Trello board for you to see what’s on the ‘to do’ list for the forum: (thanks to Kev wondersheep for the suggestion!):

I’m going to spend a bit of time trawling the forum for things that aren’t already on the ‘to do’ list - alternatively, if you’d like to add your own user suggestions, just set up an account on Trello and then let me know your Trello username in this thread, and I’ll add you to the board…:slight_smile:

[But do please be aware that dragging your suggestions into the ‘Doing’ column won’t automatically change what Ifan’s working on…;-)]

I’ve just set up my account on Trello and trying to figure out how the iPad app works!
My username is faithless78!

Invitation sent :slight_smile:

My username is markhinton1

Invitation sent :slight_smile:

My username is lewie, if you are still open to more pesky people :wink:


I’ve signed into Trello with my Google account (Mike W Ellwood).
Will that work?

Are we supposed to be reporting bugs on Trello now as well?
That seemed to be the suggestion in one of the threads, although I can’t see any bug reports on there.

What does Trello mean please? If it is Welsh I can’t find it.

It’s a planning tool. Lets you put cards up and order them, categorise and stuff.

You’ve been added to the Trello account, Mike.

We haven’t started listing bugs on there, but it’s a good suggestion.