Yaay. Used my Welsh in the Wild for the first time

I just wanted to share that on Thursday I left a message on a phone to order some tickets for a Dafydd Iwan concert.

This is the first time that I have felt confident enough to just blurt out my Welsh to a stranger. What better time than when ordering tickets to hear Dafydd! The recipient of the message said I did just fine (but he was probably just being a gentleman!).

I am doing the 6 month challenge and have been on pause since Christmas to catch up after having a mother of colds for about a month. Last week, out of the blue, something clicked inside me and I feel I have broken through some kind of barrier with my Welsh.

Thank you SO much to everyone at SSiW. Here’s to more break throughs :partying_face:


Llongyfarchiadau - congratulations!

You’ve made it! Strangely when I have a little break things seem to consolidate - the brain is a funny thing.

Good work! Enjoy the concert!



Greeat, @Christina!
And well, if you got the tickets for the right concert, it means you really did just fine! :wink:


Dyna gwych! That’s great! Way to be brave…now don’t forget to use your confidence to try it again.

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@Christina Wow, that is awesome! Well done! There will definitely be more breakthroughs to look forward to :slight_smile: Enjoy the concert!


Huge, HUGE congratulations… :smiley: