Y Wennol

Thank you all for your stories in response to my appeal last month, I had a really good number and, as a result, there was a better variety of stories in the Wennol. There was something for everybody! I really enjoyed your stories and I have some left over for the April edition – but there is always room for more! It is a great feeling when I finish an edition but then the panic starts – will I have enough for the next one?

It’s a great feeling to see your work in print and it really is a good way to build up your confidence in communicating in our beautiful language. So whether you are deciding to contribute for the first time or are keen to send a second story, your contribution will be very gratefully received.

If you haven’t yet seen Y Wennol yet, just send me your email address and I will send a copy – it is free of charge and always will be!
Rob Evans - bobwennol@ntlworld.com


Noswaith dda Rob, dw I n dysgu Cymraeg,hoffeni Y Wennol (not sure how much I will understand )!
Gwyn Llewellyn


Helo Gwyn
If you send your email address to me I can put you on the list

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Diolch. Just seeing this now, would like to contribute please. What are your submission criteria?
Thank you

Thank you Jen. You will need to send me an email to bobwennol@ntlworld.com and I can put you on the list… Contributions to the Wennol must be in Welsh but if you are not sure, just do your best and together I’m sure we can get it right.
I would love to have something from the USA, I’ve just started having monthly contributions from Tasmania.
Diolch a phob hwyl

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Diolch! Thank you! Will do.