Finally. Brilliant news. Made my day.

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It’s also listed on Amazon too, with a couple of very grumpy reviews from people who bought ‘Hinterland’ thinking it was ‘Y Gwyll’.

Caveat Emptor

I was just about to post about this after finding out on the Y Gwyll Facebook page! I’ll be ordering my copy! That said, I’ll actually be in Wales when it comes out. What are the chances it’ll be available in the shops about that time???

Thanks for the good news! I won’t write a grumpy review, since I’m sure it’ll be handy having the English (rather, “bilingual”) version around for reference.

Woohoo! I have placed my order! Thanks David, for posting this. Now a week or two living in suspense until it arrives…

“What are the chances it’ll be available in the shops about that time???”

A very good chance, Gavin! Better to spend your money in a Welsh shop rather than through, Amazon…
Well, I think so…

Anyone know any Welsh shops selling it? (tried sain and gwales so far no luck)

It’s not yet released (not until 30th June). I think reputable retailers like Sain or Sadwrn.com may be waiting until it’s actually available to buy.

The word ‘Gwyll’ has the same stem as ‘Dylluan’ the first. gloom, darkness. the second a bird that dwells in the same. Am I right? Dafydd ap Gwilym’s meditations on the owl are just wonderful, he really had it in for the creature

To anyone who has bought this:

Did it contain both Welsh and English subtitles?
(The description linked to by the OP and the one on Amazon only mentions English subtitles).

Only English from what I remember. You have to put a piece of paper over the bottom of the screen if you don’t want to see them. I have watched on my laptop, rather than the television.

Only English subtitles. I can turn them on or off - no need for a piece of paper. I wish there were Welsh subtitles, too!

Thanks @helenlindsay and @AnnaC . What an opportunity lost, considering that Welsh subtitles were produced for the S4C version (at least on Clic).

So true!

If you buy “Hinterland”, it only has English subtitles.
If you buy “Y Gwyll”… I’ll have to get back to you on that! I bought it only a few weeks ago when I saw it on display at Cant a Mil in Whitchurch and I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. It says English on the back, but there might also be Cymraeg subtitles as well.

The one I have is the one linked by the OP. I bought it directly from Arrow Films (it was the best/cheapest way I could find to get the Welsh version to the US). On the cover: “Y Gwyll” in large letters, “Hinterland” in smaller letters underneath; “Dau ddisg”; and “Y Gyfres Gyntaf”.

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