Y Gwyll/Hinterland Tonight

The Welsh version is on S4C tonight

21:00 Y Gwyll
Yn y bennod newydd sbon hon o ‘Y Gwyll’ mae ein harwr anniddig DCI Tom Mathias yn dychwelyd i flaen y gad. Wrth fynd i’r afael ag achos o dân mewn cartref teuluol caiff Mathias ei dynnu i galon cymuned sydd wedi ei rhwygo’n ddarnau gan hen elyniaethu, trachwant a chenfigen. Stori am dor-calon a cholled, ond a fydd yn cynnig dechrau newydd i DCI Tom Mathias? Bydd cyfres newydd ar S4C nes ymlaen yn y flwyddyn.

Troubled hero DCI Mathias returns to the front-line in this brand new episode of police drama Y Gwyll/Hinterland. Faced with a suspected arson attack, Mathias is drawn into a community riven by old feuds and bitter jealousies. A story of heartbreak and loss, but for Tom Mathias, will it offer a new beginning? The series returns to S4C later this year.


Cannot wait! :smile:

Surely not Cwmderi? With Angela and her cadres on the warpath there at the moment, Mathias is best advised to stay well away from that particular acre

Fabulous programme, wonderful scenery, but could done with a bit more dialogue! Had forgotten how taciturn Mathias could be!

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I agree, Steve. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the advert free film. Chief Supt Brian Prosser seemed even more evil than in the first series…John Ogwen, as Iori Thomas, was great and sounding totally different to his usual sonorous tone. Some nice twists also.

I intended to watch this online but unfortunately there were no subtitles. Did anyone else have this problem or is it my laptop at fault.

I’ve just checked this link and subtitles are available.

Twitter was full last night with people complaining that it moved too slowly (I thought it was a rather good antidote to the modern tendency to have the thing moving at breakneck speed aside for one touching scene where our hero visits her/his more tender side), and that there were too many gogs doing very poor Cardi accents.

I liked the pace of it. Sadly, many people don’t have an attention span nowadays. The moaning Minnies are Twits…Oh! all the Cardi accents sounded authentic to me.
One thing missing though - there wasn’t enough of Hannah. :wink:

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I can’t wait till the episode is available here! I love the pace of the other episodes. It’s like reading a cozy crime novel.

Just watched it and I totally agree. I don’t think it hurts at all to develop a plot slowly. Not everyone wants a car chase in every detective story! After all it builds the drama like that. But I wouldn’t have minded just a bit more dialogue as well.

Thanks Dinas. I have subtitles tonight but none when the programme was broadcast on the 1st.

I think the new episode were pretty good.

Re subtitles. S4C advise these are not available whilst streaming programme but are available if you watch episode at later date online.

Anybody catch the Aled Sam version of Y Gwyll?

I watched it the other night; particularly enjoying the, Y Gwyll, sketch. :clap:

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Don’t worry Kim, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of Beca, Sunday night…:wink:

I’ve just watched it with my wife…fantastic!!! Really enjoyed it and quite an emotional ending. Good viewing!


For anyone wanting to stream Y Gwyll with subtitles, we’ve just been told over on the twitter feed that it is showing again tonight (Wednesday), with subtitles as default. I assume these will show up while streaming as well.

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I watched Y Gwyll last night on Clic , mainly to see how much I could understand. I purposely didn’t use any of the subtitles so I could see how I got on. I got the gist of it and certainly helped from doing Course 1 newydd recently (ti di came up a few times and i would have been in the dark on that previously).

I turned the welsh subtitles on for 5 minutes and found that useful but prefer to listen and figure it out so ended turning them off

I have also watched the new Dewi Pws drama Lan y Lawr on Clic, some great scenery of Snowdon, Swansea and Rhossili. I enjoyed this too as a learning tool mainly but also a decent storyline


I like Lan a Lawr as well, and it has the added bonus of having people with both northern and southern Welsh accents in it. There are a couple I struggle with a bit, but I’m determined to understand so I play their dialogues several times to give my ears a chance to tune it. It’s a great series!