Y Dyn Gwyllt

Anyone watching Y Dyn Gwyllt: Tri Thymor ? Loved his first programme made over a year ago around Porthmadog so was really pleased to spot this one just in time. This time they’ve bumped it up to three programmes. Each one is a different season and a different location. Mae o wedi gwneud fy wythnos (I’m sure there’s a better way to say “He/it made my week”? - In Irish that would be considered ‘béarlachas’ - Is there an equivalent Welsh word for taking an English phrase and translating it too directly into Welsh?). Grumpy, wet, sleep-deprived and, apparently, surviving only on scraps of meat/shellfish and seaweed/nettles; Bear Grylls he isn’t - thankfully!


Quite boring!

It looked like the sort of thing I’d enjoy fromt he trailer but I haven’t got round to pulling it upon Click yet! Must give it a go


I was sorry for Gwen the dog! Did she ever get fed? I hope the camera operator had some dog food for her! Was there no laver weed on those beaches? No lobsters in pools? I will watch the others, but not grabbed so far!

I’m assured she did - proper dog food too! After I’d watched it I happened to bump into the director and made the very same observation to him - he said it was just an editorial decision not to show her being fed, but he could see how it might appear that she was missing out!

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Diolch @siaronjames i did think nobody working on the programs would have let poor Gwen starve, or eat unsuitable food! Mind, I didn’t think she looked very happy while trudging to and fro in all weathers and waiting on the beach for her Dyn Gwyllt to find a crab or two and some winkles! I know others have said how tough and not good eating limpets are! If she had any fun runs, well, I didn’t see them!

Did you happen to ask the director if they stuck that big fat lobster into the net when Carwyn was sleeping? Looked a bit too good to be true to me :wink: Surely they also fed Y Dyn Gwyllt something other than what he foraged? … Not a single calorie of carbohydrate to be seen in all that nettle and seaweed stew. And as for him smashing up the crab-legs (shell and all) and chucking it into the pot - just plain dangerous! Something fishy about it all - but that’s part of the fun of it…

haha - no, I didn’t ask! It might spoil the magic of television! :wink:


In case you were wondering what Carwyn used to get up to before going wild, this is him on bass guitar a decade ago:


LOL - That’s quite a change of look!

@siaronjames I just started to watch last night’s episode, recorded on Sky. Virtually the first thing was a dead pheasant he had proudly shot! OK maybe he is going to stress the need to get permission, but so far, poaching is all I can think of, and him giving lessons in doing it! He says he can’t shoot on Sunday, but doesn’t say you have to pay for shooting rights or be arrested!
edit .Now he’s trying to shoot squirrels, grey, I hope! Oh missed! Da iawn gwiwer bach!

yes, I know what you mean - I have a similar reaction with the use of campfires, let alone the gun!
All I can say is that knowing how it all works from the other side, I know that the choice of locations would have been carefully negotiated and all the neccessary permissions, etc, would have been obtained - the production wouldn’t have been able to obtain insurance otherwise, and every production has to have that! - but stating so in the programme would probably* have been considered as taking away from the ‘wildness’ element and sanitising things for the sake of correctness/legal protection (*just my take on that by the way, no one has said as much).

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Oh, I understand that, but anyone with experience knows that! Who is watching? -impressionable kids with air guns? or even catapults? Ah, gwiwer wedi marw! Not sure if he’s aiming to eat it! I presume the Romany’s favourite hedgehog is no longer allowed, so no coating spines in mud and baking! He has oil too! Rose hips fine, my old friend picked those for the babies during the war! I was one of the babies!

yes, quite - it might be harder for them to get hold of guns, but Wales has enough of a problem with grassfires as it is. Carwyn is a very responsible lad of course but sadly, as we know, others can be less so.

oh, and he definitely only shoots things if he’s going to eat them!

Oh, a mention! Wartime rose hips! But we had them as rose hip syrup!
Do you think the folk near Bangor obliged to live rough have guns and oil and billy cans?- Rwan, amser swper, Hwyl!

Next, apparently. is Snowdonia in Winter, Eryri yn Y Gaeaf! Is there any creature there then that can legally be shot? I tend to suspect not! Foraging might be a bit limited too! I will live and maybe learn!
ps I admit to having been part of a group poaching a partridge in Yorkshire. We went for rabbits, which I was unsure of. i had too much experience of taking it in turns to dismount from horse and put poor mixilated bunny out of misery by banging its head on a rock! But the only creature we dispatched this day in 1963ish was the partridge. Tasted lovely.

From the closing credits:

It was all done with the permission of Ystad Glanwysg, also the location of the Green Man Festival every year, of course.


I did not mean he was poaching. I am certain all permissions are obtained. But, firstly, the wild man image would fit better with a bow and arrow than a rifle, secondly I think Gwen’s food should be mentioned, thirdly that in the mountains in winter ina National Park, very little is not protected and the rules need to be mentioned to ensure no likely lads get ideas which seem OK but which are illegal!

You could write to S4C? I’m sure they’d welcome feedback

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It is not a very convincing programme. One made for television. He has so much stuff to help him yet he has not been shown carrying all of it. Presumably it is transported by the TV team!
How can anyone live wild with a camera team following everything. Presumably he gets to eat some of their food as well as showing his attempts at cooking. There would be enough meat on the pheasant to last a couple of days. What is wrong with eating a tree rat (sorry squirrel). Get rid of them and maybe the native reds will return.
If he goes shooting with a dog and a camera team following all the wildlife would have gone because of the noise.