Y diweddar john grey (eurfryn)

A friend at my church here in St Louis (USA) is very proud of his grandfather or great-grandfather who apparently won prizes at the eisteddfod - probably one here in the USA. Unfortunately my friend cannot understand welsh (and I am just beginning) so I wonder if:

  • someone has a translation or can translate it for us
  • someone could record and audio track of the poems being read in welsh

The forum is telling me that because I am a new user, I cannot upload attachments. I will send to Ifan to add on my behalf.

Diolch i bawb

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You could use copy and paste it here.

Cheers J.P.

Here are the documents Neil wanted to add:

Scan0023.pdf (377.3 KB)
Scan0022.pdf (453.4 KB)

A yw unrhyw un yn barod i dderbyn yr her? Dyma ffordd wych i lwyddo yn y noson Gŵyl y Banc ymgolli mewn barddoniaeth Gymraeg!

Sorry, bit short on time at the moment…

I suspect this would perhaps be better aimed at groups for fluent speakers on Facebook…?