Y Cosmos

Is anyone else watching the series “Y Cosmos”?

It’s a science documentary series about -well, the Cosmos!

There are four programmes still available on Clic- Yr Haul, Bywyd Estron, Diwedd y Bydysawd and Y Blaned Iau.

Personal opinion alert- I have found it to be very interesting myself, but I was also a bit surprised at how understandable the language was - it is well worth giving it a watch, and subtitles are available, of course!

Thanks for the share… :smile:

I am. It’s great. Good proper science presented well and in Welsh!

Too often I find I’m searching for something to watch on S4C almost out of ‘duty’ or just for practice without much interest in the subject matter, but this is excellent.

They also seem to have a good handle on which scientific terms even native Welsh speakers are more likely to know in English so will give both terms on first use.

Excellent! I’ll get my ironing set up :smile:


it is excellent, i would also recommend Arfordir cymru, i understand little but that can only improve.
cheers J.P.

Thanks for sharing. Can’t believe this passed me by! I watched the first one, Yr Haul, the other night. I thought that they repeated themselves too much before moving on to the next bit, but it was really interesting nonetheless. I really liked hearing the Welsh words for terms like convection and gravity.

My favourite new term I’ve learned from it is the fact “goldilocks” is “Elen Benfelyn” Ffantastig!

Leia fee said - “My favourite new term I’ve learned from it is the fact “goldilocks” is “Elen Benfelyn” Ffantastig!”

Oo, I picked up on that as well! Funny the things you can learn from a programme on the possibility of alien life.

I’m looking forward to learning the Welsh term for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” on a future Cosmos programme concerning the opposite end of a wormhole from a black hole about which seven old stars orbit.

Ashley Brew said -“I thought that they repeated themselves too much before moving on to the next bit”

For you, maybe! But it takes far more than forty minutes of different explanations and metaphors for any one concept of such magnitude as they were explaining to be pounded into this beer soaked, bedraggled head of mine! :wink:

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Great to hear all positive comments on a Welsh science program! I’ve just read them out to my husband, who was one of the scientists on the show and talked about bacteria, Snowball Earth and the goldilock zone, and he was really chuffed to hear your comments. :slight_smile:


My two favourite video topics in one! Yes I found the language really good, but i found the show over dramatic with exaggerated claims and music, repetition and dodgy graphics, a bit like an American ‘the cosmos’ but in welsh. Having said that I enjoyed most of it while learning Welsh! If anyone is genuinely interested in learning the fact about the themes of Y Cosmos without the Gun-Ho then try this video channel on You tube (in English) http://sixtysymbols.com/ for peice meal and factually accurate info on current physics and astronomy.
Like I said I enjoyed it and loved the Welsh, but I enjoyed more the ones about the desert, Yr Anialwch…

Well, for what it is worth, my personal thanks to your husband for his part in producing programmes which I really enjoyed watching!

Oh, each to their own, of course! I can’t say I am completely ignorant on the subject, and I am certainly genuinely interested in learning about the themes of Y Cosmos without Gun-Ho aspects, and I found the programme very interesting.

There are certainly and unsurprisingly a lot more resources in English in different forms and character on the subject, such as the one you link to.

But it is good this programme has produced resources in Welsh on the subject, helping to at least reduce any “knee jerk” reaction of turning to such English resources in the matter!

But good that people have and express different opinions on this, as on everything!

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I’ve only watched 2 of the episodes so far but there are very few TV programmes that actually get me to sit down and watch the entire thing in one go, so this series gets my vote. I’ve always been interested in space (wanted to be an astronaut when I was young) but don’t get a lot of time to keep up with what’s going on. Getting a summary of recent research and having it in Welsh!! is a delight and I look forward to watching the rest of the series.

Just wanted to thank Owainlurch for mentioning this show–I’m always poking around the s4c clic site for something interesting to watch and for some reason never stumbled upon this program which is right my alley! I only caught a few minutes of Yr Haul the other day (by the time I got a chance to try again it had expired :frowning: (good grief that unhappy face is overly dramatic–I wasn’t that upset!!)) but I just watched Bywyd Estron which I enjoyed. Only thing is…my subtitles didn’t work for that episode!! THAT was interesting! I picked up much more than I thought I would which was encouraging but it still was an extra brain-strain! :slight_smile: It really enjoyed hearing the proper astronomy terms in Welsh–very cool! Looking forward to the other episodes!! :smile:

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Actually I know that some people have found the shows a little repetitive, but that’s great to encourage watching them without subtitles. If anyone is in the habit of using the English subtitles and thinking that they aren’t quite ready to cast off the training wheels yet, this could be the series to do it. They speak reasonably clearly, repeat the main information every now and then, plus there is a bit of Saesneg occasionally to give you a breather, so go on - try without the subtitles!

@atomic_newt You look like you had actually seen extraterrestrial life in that Smiley! :smiley:

I have to agree with everyone, what a great series. I’m going to try to catch up on clic but I’ve only seen the first two available on clic so far … I think. This is right up my street, fair play. Thanks for the heads up @owainlurch .

Indeed respect is due to those who decided to make a physics and astronomy show in Welsh, and to the scientists who spoke on it. I like the ones on the planets more too… Nice to have media in Welsh in different and interesting areas, and if it is popular it will grow more and produce more media.

this series is being repeated now, I wasn’t aware of it first time round but just noticed it on the schedules. I don’t watch many science programmes but it was easy to understand (with the subtitles anyway!)

For a moment I wondered why the narrator mentioned the band Llwybr Llaethog, and had to rewind but of course it means Milky Way but in my mind I cannot not get the association out of my head as I’d heard of the band long before knowing what the name meant :joy:


Diolch! I missed…well, no I didn’t miss it. I’m ashamed to say I dismissed it first time round as likely to be boring because I know (knew) quite a lot about astronomy and and astrophyics. I now realise:
a. that doesn’t mean I’m up-to-date!
b. I never studied it through the medium of Cymraeg!
c. A well made program can be interesting even if you are not a total begnner in the subject!
I will watch at the weekend!

A slightly related series that I’ve been enjoying is Her yr Hinsawdd. The narrator is Siwan Davies from Swansea University. She travels to Greenland and the Maldives looking at the effects of climate change, and she speaks very clear Welsh.