Y Bontfaen/Cowbridge - an English Oasis?

Shwmae Anne, a chroeso i’r fforwm!

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Now I’m dying to find out where else you live…:wink:

And having some trouble in replying. Just wanted to say that I live in Cowbridge and our group of learners meet weekly in The Bear to practice over coffee. We have also responded to the Gem to support their publishing of articles in Welsh.
Incidentally the other Antique shop, Havard and Havard is also where Welsh is frequently to be heard.


Diolch yn fawr

Excellent, well done you - it’ll be important for people to hear that there are enthusiastic learners in the town :sunny: :thumbsup:

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This week’s Gem has just been delivered. There are a lot of responses on this topic. ALL positive! Ardderchog!


Any chance of a little of the gist of the responses, Anne…? I love positive stories. Diolch!!!

All the responses were in favour and supporting the Welsh language and it highlighted how many people speak Welsh, and how many are proud of their language. It certainly highlighted the Welsh language and I am sure the anonymous person who wrote the bigoted letter didn’t expect so much media about it. I have never written to a newspaper before, but I felt so strongly, I had to write to the Gem, and to my surprise my letter was published.


That’s great news, Anette! :thumbsup:

Managed to find a digital copy of The Gem…The letters are on page 2 and 32 and make for a very healthy read.


What an absolutely superb response - I hope that gets as much coverage in other media as the original story…

My article was headed ‘Wales is Bilingual’, I am pleased the Welsh Language was well and truly in the news, not at all what the person who wrote the original letter wanted!


Gosh - how did you find that Kim? (or is it a trade secret?)
Good detective work anyway, and a very interesting read.

I Googled - The Gem - and just tapped in.
See lots more letters by using our FREE Digital Edition at:
Barry http://bit.ly/1s9PuBv
Cowbridge http://bit.ly/1hCba4k
Llantwit Major: http://bit.ly/1kWZhqA
Bridgend & Porthcawl: http://bit.ly/RwZs4l

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I received the Barry Gem this morning and delighted to see not 1 but 2 pages of Welsh included in the paper. The pages will be published on the first Thursday of every month in future. All the letters and emails sent to the Gem in support of the Welsh language has resulted in a successful outcome. Brilliant!


Astonished to find, I’m a Welsh Nationalist who votes for Plaid Cymru, according to a letter on page 20 of The Gem. I never knew that as a Welsh speaker living in Kent and being a Man of Kent this made me a Welsh Nat
Nice to see the paper keeping the comments coming over the weeks: it’s been illuminating. Looking forward to the next addition. Maybe they’ll post my letter, I’ve just posted to the editor, on the above.

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And are Plaid even standing in Kent?
(Now there’s a thought Kim, maybe someone should stand just for the heck of it :slight_smile: ).

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That’s actually got me thinking about the next Euro elections…I quite like Belgium. :smile:


A number of letters this week on Welsh being used: pages 2 and 30 including my response to Peter Reeds letter last week…



Superb letter, Kim - diolch o galon i ti :sunny:

…I actually picked up a hard copy of this publication from my friend in Barry last night! I shall bring it to the Meetup tomorrow for you.