WW I Welsh soldier (and others) remembered today in Turin

Since I started learning Welsh, relatives and friends send me a message every single time Wales is mentioned anywhere!

So today I was told about an article on local newspaper “La Stampa” about the recently discovered story of sixteen soldiers from British and Commonwealth troops, who died and were buried here. Among them, Evan Lewis and William Howard Lewis, from Wales.

All of the so called “Turin Men” were remembered this morning at Turin Cemetery. Since relatives of two of them have been found and sent info and material - Alexander Sutherland Mackay from Brisbane, Australia and Evan Lewis from (near) Tregaron also had a special card and picture made for the event:

(more photos can be found there).

More info about the story:

p.s. I just found out about it so I missed the memorial event this morning, but I’ll get in touch with the Italians who had been searching about this story.


Since Remembrance Day, I’ve had this beautiful, sad song, Gwaed ar eu Dwylo, on high rotation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vk_PMMkXLU

Many of you will recognise the tune, as it has been covered by many artists. The music and original English lyrics are by Eric Bogle, and I’ve recently been alerted to a German version, but I think this Cymraeg version is particularly fine.