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Hi, I read quite a lot of Welsh language novels and literature these days (as well as practising spoken Welsh) so just wondered if any one had any recommendations of books e.g. Gareth king (of which I own most) that cover this specifically?

Diolch a Nadolig llawen!


This is my first time here, I would love to know if there is an equivalent of early learning reading books in Welsh, I am on challenge 2 enjoying it but feel slightly anxious and overwhelmed at times. Sorry I can’t suggest any grown up books for you, but in time who knows.

Hi Pamela

If you’re after fiction, try the Cyfres Amdani . They’re a series of graded readers from Mynediad (complete beginner) up to Uwch (roughly a-level).

If you have a browse through the ‘Book Club’ thread here The SSiW Welsh Book Club 📖 📚 👓 - it’s quite a long thread by now and covers all sorts of abilities but there will be certainly be some good suggestions on there.

Hi Andrew

If you’ve got all the Gareth Kings, then my other suggestion would be Golwg Ar Iaith by Non Emlyn. It’s a grammar workbook for people doing GCSE Welsh, and cross-references Y Chwiliadur Iaith by the same author.

However it is a grammar workbook, rather than a guide to formal written Welsh, eg - wyd passives and literary tenses etc.

Here are a couple of good ones from the ones I have -

Llawlyfr Gloywi Iaith, Prifysgol Bangor

Cymraeg Graenus, Phyl Brake
this one is out of print now, but you can occasionally find second hand ones e.g. https://www.abebooks.com/9781859026137/Cymraeg-Graenus-Welsh-Edition-Brake-1859026133/plp

Hi, thanks everyone for your responses. It’s formal literary books I’m interested in (e.g use of rydym) so I will take a look at those suggestions @siaronjames. Gareth King books explain things like ‘ir’ and ‘wyd’ very well but I was looking for a book that covers formal writing specifically rather than in part. Thanks again.

Thank you for replying, I feel quite excited that you have taken that time, I am slowly coming to grips with the forum, but my IT skills are limited . Will note down your suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to reply

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I have a couple of books that would be useful for you, if you can get hold of them.

Ymarfer Ysgrifennu Cymraeg by Gwyn Thomas
Cyflwyno’r Iaith Lenyddol by ‘Uned Iaith Genedlaethol Cymru’ and published by ‘D. Brown a’i Feibion Cyf, Y Bontfaen’

Both are written entirely in Welsh, so not for beginners, but they cover everything you could want to know about the literary language.

I’ve found that book very useful

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