Would you be interested in a grand Bootcamp reunion?

So, just floating an idea here, as I sit back lazily while our 4 pioneers push on mercilessly on day 5 of their 10 day epic…

Actually, it’s Dee’s idea, not mine…

Who’d be interested in a Bootcamp reunion?

Or maybe I should call it a Reunion Bootcamp - the idea being that like a normal Bootcamp, it would be for a week.

It would work like this:

We book the canolfan in Tresaith.

You must have been on a Bootcamp before.

We fill the canolfan - so, off the top of my head, that means 40 spaces?

The price should be minimal with those kind of numbers - again off the top of my head, twenty or thirty quid or so?

It’s a self-drive kind of deal - there’s no way any of us are trying to herd/shepherd 40 different people in similar directions! - but I think I can take the risk of speaking for Iestyn and say that he and I, and Cat and Catrin, and associated children would love to come for an evening out if we could do a block booking of an eating/drinking place somewhere…

So what do you reckon? If we’ve got 40 or so people, we could look at booking something in the late spring, perhaps - to try and make sure it’s warm enough to swim at least once…:wink:


Sounds like a great idea!
For me, as a one-time bootcamper who has been looking for another opportunity to go, only holidays and funds permitting me to, I see this as the only barrier - unless it’s only for a couple of days, where I see it as doable!
It will also be great if our international bootcampers can all make the same time as well - although I think the costs to fly over for just a couple of nights would be a bit much…unless they’re inspired to make a holiday of it as well, of course!

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If it happens in the New Year I’ll be up for it. Before then, distance is an issue.


Interested - yes.

A couple of issues come to mind

  • Parking madness with that many people (though isn’t there a parking field at the top of Tresaith? That might help)

  • The thought of a staying in the Canolfan with 39 other people doesn’t fill me joy. It’s not a young building - could it cope with so many adults snoring?

Several smaller reunions of a few days at a time across a single week would perhaps be more manageable.

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It sounds wildly entertaining!

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I think it would be great! (As long as the challenges were at the “fiendish” level! Something along the lines of coming up with a poem (spoken) on a topic given on the day. And with a guest challenger, someone like…Dewi Pws Morus!!)
If the dorms are a little unappealing, although the noises, smells - I mean aromas, close company and atmosphere may put some of us in mind of military days, there are some beautiful flats to hire right next door and I for one can vouch for their comfort. Just contact Heledd at the Canolfan. This link:-
will help.


I was thinking of it in terms of a week - so perhaps it should be a ‘Reunion Bootcamp’, rather than a Bootcamp reunion…:wink:

Yup - it’ll be insane - people will need to do some creative teamwork on that, and maybe scope out places for long term parking - if there’s enough interest, I’m sure we can ask around for ideas.

I think it’s going to be a Marmite kind of thing - love it or hate it. For people who are more concerned with the snoring than the cost, there are always the flats…

Mmmm… solves parking and crowdedness, at the cost of much more complicated arrangements - I think we’re happy to arrange booking the canolfan, but not too keen to take on extra complications…:wink:

Groups giving each other challenges, I think - so free to go as nightmarish or excuse-for-a-lazy-pint as you like…:wink:

But - o tempora, o mores! - it’s not Heledd at the Canolfan any more - she’s working with Mentrau Iaith Cymru now… :slight_smile:

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Except that another Heledd has taken the place of the first. It seems to be a prerequisite of the job that your first name is Heledd :slight_smile:


O, no way? What a delight…:slight_smile: I could easily imagine Dilys doing that deliberately…:wink:

And I felt like a real Cymraes when I spent 10 minutes discussing family with the new Heledd to find out that her father-in-law’s sister lives next door to me :slight_smile:


Book out The Ship. Give them a real full on noson Cymraeg for a change…


Top idea. That would definitely be the ideal… :star2:

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100000000000000000 times yes!


I don’t know how many cars you can fit in but I’m sure most will be happy to car share so maybe no more than 20 cars would turn up, with planning probably a lot less.


I had wondered about that. I have met the original Heledd in Carmarthen a couple of times and was sure I understood she didn’t work in Tresaith any more. And the Iestyn was referring to her in a bootcamp preparation thread. Confused or confused?




Definitely interested.:smile:


What could possibly go wrong? I’m up for it.


Yes, yes, yes!!
The only (potential) problem is that Uni starts again on Apr.16…


Yes, would love to make the trip!