Working Memory Challenge

I did the opencoglab test and scored 43. This was better than I expected because towards the end I thought that I was not remembering anything. I must try the other one.

Humanbenchmark results were
Number 9 digits, Reaction 331ms, Verbal 36 points, Visual 6403 points. It says top 25% percentile. A comparison with myself aged 20 would be interesting, but very discouraging I expect.

Don’t worry folks. You are all brilliant.
I would score 0!!!

If you are dyslexic in any way you will have problems with visual memory. I’ve got a specific spelling difficulty so my memorising is awful (I was made stand outside the classroom door when I was 7 because I didn’t know 7x9. I can ad lib in plays but learning lines is…!!!).

I work by analysis, pattern and usage, especially in language learning. I have coloured cards to help me with my Welsh.

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And all because they didn’t tell you how to do your 9x table on your fingers. I still use that method now.
(hold your hands in front of you, count left to right, stick your 7th finger up. How many digits to the left? 6! How many to the right? 3! The answer’s 63). You can even do it in your head by visualising your hands, if you can.

Or how my eight year old does it…
10 - 1 = 9
20 - 2 = 18
30 - 3 = 27
40 - 4 = 36
and so on. It appeals to his love of patterns (he is dyslexic, but not with maths)
I like the fingers method too, but this one is fun as well.

A pointless and horrible thing to do to a young kid. :angry:

Yes I agree. The finger method for the 9X table is one I have taught all my kids when I was teaching.

Some dyslexics have no problems with maths, some are dyscalculaxic (sp!!!) as well. Some dyslexics only have problems with spelling, others with reading and others with processing language, memorisation or a mixture of them.

I was only diagnosed when I was 30 during a Discriptive Linguistic course which I needed to work with minority languages in Africa. Suddenly I found I could process spelling/reading/learning language using different analytical techniques.

As a teacher I spent several years teaching in a specialist school for dsyleslexic kids. A joy.

I love learning languages now. Welsh is good but I don’t hear it every day in Cardiff. SSiW got me started. I still can’t remember my phone number! As to passwords!!!

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