Working Memory Challenge

I tried to do the challenge below but it’s just a blank page under the instructions.
I copied and pasted the page below. Any ideas?

Working Memory Challenge
Welcome to the Working Memory Challenge!
The following exercise will push the limits of your working memory—a brain function you use everyday. This exercise tests your ability to recall visual patterns.

This exercise will take a few minutes. When you are finished, be sure to follow the icons to the right of the exercise.

Odd - looks as though it’s down - maybe we’ll have to build our own…

There’s another, tougher one here:

I got 46 on the tougher one, for comparison’s sake… :slight_smile:


I like this one better - faster and more engaging. I’ve gone from complete numpty in the other test to 46 on this one. :clap::clap:


There’s also this one, which has got some fun other ones with it - although I’m appalled by their suggestion that my reaction time is bottom 22% - I strongly suspect some gaming of the system!

For comparison’s sake, my number memory on that one is 13 digits, verbal memory is 110 and visual memory is 19715 (which is a lower result by comparison than the verbal).

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Clearly the result of choice for people of taste and distinction… :slight_smile:


Knew it…

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Got 10 on the numbers (very surprised I got that far - always get numbers mixed up), verbal mem 36 and visual mem 2538. Says top 5% - but how is that when your number is way massiver than mine? Or did I just completely not understand it the scores?
The remember the squares one was way more fun than the cogmed version, nice and quick too.

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As I already knew, my working memory is below average as I only scored 35. This is why the weekly mental arithmetic tests at junior school were such a nightmare and why even thinking about them now can make me feel panicky and tearful. :worried:


On the Open Cog Lab one? Because they offer 36 as their average - so you’re not far off it in terms of your working memory (which of course doesn’t necessarily stop maths tests from being the stuff of nightmare!).

That’s. Not. Fair.

I may have to complain in particularly strong terms.


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Oh, look, you can link directly - that sounds fun…

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Yes, the Open Cog Lab one. But that was visual working memory, not oral. I don’t know whether that’s different. The mental arithmetic test questions were read out and taking things in verbally has always been my weak spot, which is why I will never ask for directions if I’m lost because I’m just wasting the other person’s time as the moment they stop speaking, I’ve forgotten the first part of the instructions.

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Yup, so was the old CogMed one - not ideal for our stuff, but the closest models we’ve found so far. We probably will have to build a ‘remembering words in a row’ test of our own one of these days… :slight_smile:

On the Human Benchmark, I get: 9 digits for number, verbal memory 96, visual memory 2615, so much worse than you, Aran, apart from verbal.

@cat-1 I also got 5% for visual memory, but I don’t think that means we’re in the top 5%. I think that’s the amount we achieved out of a possible 100.

I don’t think 9 as against 13 is much worse on the numbers - and I was definitely sweating by the time I got to 9… so I’d say there’s a fair bit less than we might have guessed for numbers and verbal, with the only really interesting difference on the visual one (where I was also a fair bit lower).

I got 40 on the sqare symbol thingy, level 10 on the numbers, 263 on reaction, 70 on verbal and 11294 on visual.

I tried the numbers a few times in different languages (I don’t know how you all do it, but I say the numbers in my head when I read them and then repeat them as much as possible) and it didn’t make much difference which one I used. Got 10 with both Welsh and Finnish and then 9 with English, though I might have just got unlucky with the numbers with the English one :smile:

Finnish felt more difficult because of the longer numbers - seitsemän, kahdeksan and yhdeksän take a bit longer to say than seven, eight and nine.

I was wondering whether people with different native languages might get slightly different results on average. If you’re trying to read them in your head and repeate as many times as possible, you get fewer repetitions with longer words :smiley:

Ww, I should try it with Italian…


It wouldn’t surprise me at all @margarethall! I was swayed by it announcing me being in the top 5% in the banner at the top. I don’t mind at all - I seem to be in good company! :relaxed:

I just did it again and purposely flunked it up - it announced that I was in the TOP 4%! I think they might have got their terminology a bit skew whiff! [quote=“aran, post:9, topic:10895”]
That’s. Not. Fair.

Yep! Nor. Actually. True. :rolling_eyes:

Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I will be busy this week. I will definitely give them ago. :+1: :slight_smile:


Sounds to me like you have all had a bit of fun with this. Thank you all :heart_eyes: