Words for disabilities and special needs in Welsh

My youngest son has special needs, and today it occurred to me that I am completely unable to talk about him in Welsh, other than saying obvious things like mentioning that he is my son.

I am sure there are others out there who have wondered about such vocab - is there a list somewhere? Or shall we start one here?

I am looking for:

paediatric physiotherapist
speech therapy
learning disability
mental development (delay)
autism/ autistic

Any other words?

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awtistiaeth - autism
awtistig - autistic
therapi lleferydd - speech therapy
hypotonia - hypotonia


Diolch dinas.

I’m wondering if ‘ffisiotherapydd yn arbennig i blant’ will cut the mustard for a paediatric physio or if there is a specific term

@Millie According to www.geiriadur.net, paediatric is pediatrig. I like ones like that! :wink:

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Ha! I suppose I should have guessed! A lot of medical terms seem to be the same across a lot of European languages, since they are taken from either Greek or Latin.