Word choice and context

I know myself, and that I am highly likely to end up posting a lot of similarly contextual questions; so I thought that opening a new thread might help to keep me contained :unamused:

Opening question:
In what context would one use peidio rather than aros?

Aros means wait or stay:
Dw i’n mynd i aros yng Nghaernarfon am wythnos ym mis Mehefin. - I’m going to stay in Caernarfon for a week in June.

Peidio is used for negative commands:
Paid becso! - Don’t worry
Paid! - Don’t / Stop!
Also … neu beidio is an idiomatic way to say “or not”:
Ddylwn i aros i ti neu beidio? - Should I wait for you or not?


What @Hendrik said but also to add “peidio” in a sentence as “stop” not as a command …

“Dwi isio i ti beidio dwrnu dy frawd fel 'na.”
“Mae rhaid iddi beidio mynd yn wyllt mor aml.”
“Iawn te, aros yma am eiliad a thrio peidio cambihafio am unwaith, wnei di!”

Aah, the joys of parenting.


Diolch…and some useful phrases to boot

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Ac diolch Geraint.
Paid a phoeni…or is that too familar :no_mouth: