Wnes i dimm

When to use ‘wnes i ddim’ and when ‘do’n i ddim’?

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wnes i ddim would be for a one-off occurance e.g. wnes i ddim agor y ffenest - I didn’t open the window
'do’n i ddim would be for an occurance that took place over a longer/continuous period e.g. do’n i ddim meddwl am agor y ffenest - I didn’t think to open the window (thinking is never a one-off occurance in Welsh! :wink: )

do’n i ddim = ‘I wasn’t’ but is often used for things we’d say in English as ‘I didn’t’
e.g. do’n i ddim yn gwbod = I wasn’t knowing = I didn’t know.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr, Siaron. Dw i’n happus yawn gyda fe.

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