WINNERS of the 2020 Online Eisteddfod announced!

Wow! I’ve just received my judge’s comments too!! :slight_smile: So exciting to have celebrity judges this year - I feel really honoured to have their feedback!! :slight_smile: And thank you everyone who worked so hard to make the eisteddfod happen, Gisella, the judges and everyone who took part! :slight_smile: And thank you for my prize too - a lovely surprise to end the year! - Palas Print here I come!!! :slight_smile:


What an exciting way to end the year - receiving such lovely feedback from the celebrity judges and gift tokens. Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Absolutely thrilled to get celebrity judge Mererid Hopwood’s comments on my recitation of her beautiful poem. Also comments on other entries. I feel so honoured and humbled that the judges have taken their time to read my work. It is so encouraging to carry on learning the beautiful language.