Windows 10

Having recently “upgraded” to Windows 10, I find that SSiW lessons - new 2 comes without the musical intro, and there’s no treble clef panel with on/off etc. controls. Has anyone else found that?

I am trying very hard to avoid Windows 10, not least because I get adverts for it every time I use my lap top! It tries to sneak up on me by suddenly popping a window up, just as I’m about to do something, so I nearly click on it! Grrrr! If it strips bits off SSiW, I am glad I’ve avoided it!! Did Kasia’a music still work? (Thread: Awesome video from Kasia learning Welsh in Poland)
@tatjana I don’t suppose you can help with this? @aran can you?

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I don’t have Widnows 10 but we have one computer with it here at work and as soon as it’s free I’ll try to see what happens. But, sorry, not just now yet. Will get back with info later on.

Hmm… that sounds potentially like a problem our end - @ifan, can you troubleshoot this? :sunny:

That sounds like an issue with your local media player - I’m presuming that you’re downloading the lessons and playing them on your local drive?

We might tag @Kinetic on this … (ayayay … Slack effect. :slight_smile: )


Hmm, I’m not sure I rightly understand - you’re saying that one of the lesson files appears to have lost its intro when you listen to it under Windows 10? That sounds unlikely to have been caused by the Windows upgrade itself, but maybe somehow the file was updated by us and you’ve downloaded the new version since having W10? Which file is it - does “new 2” mean the second challenge of the the new “Level 1”?

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to @harvey_fudge, @tatjana, @Kinetic and @aran I went… well to be accurate, Janet has updated me to Windows 10 and is telling me to get a new faster laptop!
Anyway, I got the music on Challenges, like always, and everything else seems to work just fine!!! So I suspect Harvey’s problem is nothing to do with Windows 10 per se.
p.s. Have realised I’ve got different graphics on lessons and the screen goes black if I don’t wiggle my touchpad! The graphics seem like an advert for a music program. I don’t mind, but I’ll need Janet to find out how to let the screen stay without my messing with the, e.g. pause control!! @Kinetic any ideas?

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All of that sounds like Windows 10 stuff, not SSiW stuff, I’m afraid - so someone on hand who can help point-and-solve will probably be your best option… :sunny:

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Diolch! Janet sorted out my time-out problem. She said Windows 10 had set it to 2 minutes!! Imagine having your screen black out every 2 mins during a Challenge or Lesson!!! The picture is clearly a software thing, which I can live with!
p.s. @Kinetic on another thread showed me the effect of changing screen display size and I find that making the picture smaller I remove the aspects I didn’t like!!!

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We discussed the problem of having W10 installed on your system against your wishes in another thread.

I have today found out about something called “never10” which should safely prevent this (and it is easily reversible, so you can go to W10 when you decide that you are ready in the future).

It is here:

I have run it myself, and I trust it. Nevertheless, I’d advise anyone else to do their own research to make sure that they feel they can trust it.

I thought that I’d managed to disable the upgrade by other means, but it seems that it was still (at least theoretically) enabled. I have now disabled it with “never10”. Note that “never10” itself does not install any software and is not “installed” in your system as such. It’s just an executable file (.exe) that you download and run, and which then comes up with a fairly user-friendly menu.