Will ac Aeron yn Yr Alban

I tried very hard not to start a new thread, but failed to find one I could slip this into!
It has just finished on S4C. Is still on line. I didn’t expect most of you to be interested, but then came the last two episodes on (or off) the Island of Uist, in the first of these our friends are with a family and I suddenly realised,“Hang on a minute, the chap from Uist is speaking Cymraeg!”
It turned out they’d come on holiday, liked it and stayed! The younger chap ran a lobster/langoustine boat and our friends went out on it, helping to bait, launch and then haul in the pots. Seasickness struck at least one!
Last episode at a croft, I suddenly realised that a visiting lady neighbour was speaking Welsh. Same story, came on holiday and liked it! No mention as to whether she was wife of dad in previous episode and mam of fisherman, but two Welsh speaking families on a small island in the Outer Hebrides seems unlikely!!
I’d love to hear others’ reactions to these programs!


I watched this and enjoyed it! I found Aeron’s accent a struggle. I didn’t enjoy the deer stalking and grouse hunting episode.

Disappointing after seeing the first programme based in S America and the second one based in Lapland.

I watched all 5 episodes back to back, loved it. I’ve seen Aeron in lots of other stuff including, of course, Ben Dant. You’ve got to love his accent (sorry @AnthonyCusack :blush:) .

I love his accent, just find it hard to understand :slight_smile:

I guess I’ve had years of watching Ben Dant with my daughter to tune in to it. :blush:

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I’m going to rewatch them to get more used to it. Can be a mini-goal :slight_smile:

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I had my doubts about those and did not recommend them! I was raised when, if you could shoot it and it tasted good…wowee! But times have changed and I am not saying I ever actually poached!

OK, much closer to Wales, but more easy to reach for anyone who wants to go where they went and not that many go to North or South Uist, which is why I was surprised to find at last one family Cymru Cymraeg had not just visited, but settled. (Population, last census, North 1619, South 1,897. [Ynys Mon about 68,000]).