Why is 'Weles i / ges i' pronounced 'Welesh I / gesh i'?

Not important but it’s bothering me and I feel i need an answer :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed this on a few words. Sometimes Aran does it and Katrin doesn’t, and sometimes both do it.

I haven’t seen anywhere that S is ever pronounced as SH in Cymraeg.


Its nothing to worry about. Its just how some people say it.


When ‘s’ is followed by ‘i’ in the middle of a word, I think it’s always pronounced ‘sh’ (like the name Sion, pronounced Shaun). Lots of people in the south also pronounce the ‘s’ as ‘sh’ when it’s followed by other vowels (so you’ll often get ‘shwmae’ is the south but often ‘s’mae’ in the north instead).

But as Peter says - it’s just a regional pronounciation thing. Nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Edited to correct an overly sweeping statement.


As Sara says, this probably originates as an s+i kind of thing - ‘si’ usually has a ‘sh’ should in Welsh, and wnes i (for example) has that i creeping in afterwards - but whatever the history of it, it’s very common indeed in usage, so it’ll be valuable for you to be able to hear/process it - but feel free to say it in whichever way pleases you most… :slight_smile: