Why first post PM is not editable

Noswaith da pawb …

Well, I don’t know where to post this tpoic so I’ll just post it here. The title says it all but anyway:

I noticed that when you sent PM to someone you have no chance to edit it once it’s sent. It can be quite awkward thing since I often tend to mix letters and even forget part of the sentence and then the thing I wanted to say really comes out as strange and awkward and I really feel stupid.

But, I presume, here is the reason why original PM post can’t be edited and I’d really like to know it. I can’t edit it even if I write a reason why I’m editing it. Or it is an error maybe which even maybe occurs only to me? Well, I’ve tried to edit original PM post in various browsers but it’s all the same no matter what I take but the forum system is even so kind when trying to discard editing that it asks me if I really want to do so.

Hmmm … really strange thingy.

Thanik you for (potential) reply.


Hi Tatjana,
I don’t know the answer to this, sorry. I suspect it might just be a quirk of the version of the Discourse software that the forum’s running on. I don’t think it’s anyone’s deliberate decision, anyway (although I could always be wrong).

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Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Besides this “error” this forum is UNIQUE in deed. But about this in one of my next topics when I’d be REALLY HIGHLY excited enough to sing out a glory of this software, the makers of this forum and everything else.

I can say only that I’ve worked on quite some forums and even runned three of my own and this here is unique experience in deed. (so much for now …) :slight_smile: :sunny: :star:

I think that private messages (PMs) are immediately sent out by the software as an e-mail. On the old forum, only a notification (that there was a PM waiting) was sent, and the actual message sat in your outbox until it was seen by the addressee. So, while it was in the outbox, you could edit it, and the other person would get the edited version when they picked it up. But since the actual message now goes out immediately, you really need to proofread before you hit send! :smile:

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It might be very useful then for “edit” function to be disabled. I many times have difficulties with Google Chrom and first thought this is its problem, then I saw there’s the line where you can determine why you’re editing the message and thought if you specify why you did that, the system gets you through and you can save edited version.

It’s actually OK that you can’t edit first post in PM if this is so (which I recall it is as messages really come into Inbox in whole form).

Thanks for explanation. I’ll try and proofread what I’m sending out as much as I can in the future.


Yup, I think it’s this. It’s certainly not a deliberate setting :sunny: