Why 'dylen nhw fod' and not 'dylen nhw bod'?

“this incidentally torpedoes the old (and lazy) line about 'pronouns causing SM - what tosh!”

A direct quote from Mr King himself.

Either way you look at it - subject or verb form - if you T.M after a short form verb - you’re right :slight_smile:

Also, more importantly, just talk and not worry.


Bod is the object of a short form verb and therefore is subject to TM.

I figured out SM = Soft Mutation, but had difficulty with TM - T… Mutation?

I presume now that it’s Treiglad Meddal (sp?) ?


Yeah sorry. Treiglad meddal :slight_smile:

I tend to write them;
T.M - soft
T.Ll - aspirate
T.T - nasal

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Thank you! I had only seen SM, AM, NM before.

By the way, the BBC have a good free grammar guide. It’s a PDF so you can download it. Just google (or gwgl as there is a Welsh search engine) BBC Welsh grammar guide. They agree with Mr King that it’s the subject (in this instance) that causes the mutation.

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