Why did you decide to try SSiW?

Oh, this is a big part of it for me too! the bit about walking the dog reminded me. I do it a lot when I walk my dog.

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Frank, if I have already asked you, I’m sorry, but do you watch TV in Welsh, S4C? If so and you want the channel to continue with enough finance, please sign the petition from people outside Wales, I will send you an invite!
Croeso to the Forum if I haven’t sent one before!

That’s such an interesting story, Frank - thank you so much - really useful insight in there :star: :star2:

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So yep Aran have done a challenge a day since this post, no pauses and now up to lesson 8 of course 3 i seem to be remembering most of it. And weirdly things which i have not been able to remember from past lessons are just popping into my head, i will now persist until the end of course 3 if i am able. Cheers.

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[quote=“henddraig, post:172, topic:5145”]
Frank, if I have already asked you, I’m sorry, but do you watch TV in Welsh, S4C? If so and you want the channel to continue with enough finance, please sign the petition from people outside Wales, I will send you an invite!Croeso to the Forum if I haven’t sent one before!
[/quote]I don’t watch tv in welsh, but only because I didn’t know I could! I’d love to start.

This sounds so much like my own beginning with the language!

Click for link to Forum page on S4C
In that thread are other useful links, put there by those more
knowledgeable that me!
May I ask both you and @saethwr, out of pure curiosity, why you wanted to learn Welsh? Do you have family connections?
To @saethwr sorry if I already asked you, but am sending Petition invite!!

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Awesome - that sounds as though you’ve really cracked it! Huge congratulations - keep us posted :slight_smile:

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Aran’s original question
“If you can think back to when you first discovered SSiW …can you remember what the most important thing was that made you want to give it a try?”

The key thing aim i have is to talk in iaith (language).

I live in Australia, about 1/2 hour outside Melbourne. The only welsh class/group i could find here met in the city centre on a week night, so i can’t make it. This is important, as the reason i chose to give SSiW such a big go was that it most like talking to people. In Wales or places with groups of people I could reach to talk to face to face I would have chosen that in place of the internet giving a group feel, and the net would be a resource like a book. I picked this up in my first visits to this site both by listening to the lessons and also in the forum where the input of many people is gwech (great).

If you are looking for a reply on giving it a go for the first 6 mths ,(rather than the first week) which is where i am up to, then sing out.

Diolch pawb, am eich gweithio (thanks everyone for your work)


Thanks a lot for that, Steve - really appreciate it! :slight_smile: :star2:

i actually had to think about this for a moment because it’s been so long since i first became interested in learning Welsh. I think I do have some family connection, but my family had been in America for several generations by the time I was born, so I don’t really know anyone over there now. But when I was 15 or so I had a cartoon character that I would draw comics about mostly when I was supposed to be paying attention in school (none survive now, probably for the best ahah) and I decided that he was from Wales, which really had no impact on anything in the stories but I made it that way anyway. After making that decision, I thought I should do more research about Wales if I was going to be writing about a character from there, and that’s when I found out about the language. Since then I always felt a strong interest and connection to it, even if the rest of my family don’t seem to think about it much in terms of their personal identity. There was a long space of time where I didn’t practice it anymore because I had few resources and no one to talk to, but eventually I remembered how much I cared about learning the language and gave it another shot, which is what ultimately what brought me here.


I’m a few months late but hopefully I can still help.

I wasn’t planning on actually learning Welsh when I first found out about SSiW in some youtube video’s comment section. I had just heard someone speak Welsh in some video for the first time and wanted to see how difficult it was to learn (the language sounds really good in my opinion), so I checked out the introduction and really liked it.

I tried the first lesson and it felt easy. Very different than learning a language at school (I’m unsuccessfully trying to learn Swedish). And (in the northern version, haven’t tried southern) I find the jokes Aran makes now and then really funny. The emails made me really excited about this as well and I was really sad when they stopped coming :smiley:

Also I feel like I’ve learned more Welsh in these two months than I have Swedish in 5 years of learning it at school.

I’ve been trying to get everyone I know to try it, buy nobody seems interested yet… I’ll find someone to talk to eventually


That’s really awesome, Novem, thank you so much! I’m always extremely biased in favour of people who like my jokes, too…:wink:


I signed up to a ‘learn Welsh class’ in my area and the tutor mentioned this app. I learned to read and write some Welsh in secondary school but never learned to actually speak it. Your app is absolutely bonkers and brilliant! I’ll be 60 next year and have longed for years to be able to speak the first language of my ancestors. Thanks to your app, I feel I might actually succeed. Diolch.


Shmae @jennylloyd! Croeso! You will succeed if you want to! Where are you? There are lots of groups in Wales and some elsewhere set up by SSiWers to practice. Everyone on the Forum is very friendly and helpful, even when they seem scratchy and cross (she says ruefully - being infamous as a crotchety old ddraig! - dragon, female and nudging 75!)


Shmae @henddraig. Love the name. I am in Breconshire.

If you are not yet on the SSiW Map, get @Sionned to pop you on!
Brecon isn’t the best place to find Welsh speakers, but I bet there are some!
You want the ‘Please put me on the map’ thread. Glad you like my truthful description of me! I am exiled in Yr Alban and lurk here to heal hiraeth and occasionally learn a bit more Welsh! To ask someone something quote their username with @ sign as I have sionned’s above! @tatjana is our helpful techno wizz! (She lives in Slovenia!) I bet you didn’t expect that sort of spread when you started on here! Oh. @Sionned is across the Atlantic!

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Croeso ar y fforwm @jennylloyd!

I’m Tatjana - “techy wizz” whom @henddraig just can’t stop to sing hymns. :slight_smile: (Thank you, thank you … :smile:). Well, I’m not wizzard or something like this at all despite my name elswhere on the net is KnightGhost :slight_smile: but I like to help people where and when I can and I’m quite familiar with computers, this forum software and quite some other (mostly graphic and animating) software aswell.

My Cymraeg? It’s not ode to be sung about my Cymraeg but I speak it and am not afraid to speak it in any circumstances all thanks to this magnificent site, forum, app, PEOPLE!

So welcome once again and if you tend to have some problems of any learning or techy kind just pop on here and put a question in and one would help you with that for sure.

According to my knowledge your feeling is 100 % correct. :slight_smile:


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Well, a whole new world has opened up, now!

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Diolch yn fawr, @tatjana a braf cwrdd a chi.

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Hi, just a quick response for now, which I hope will be helpful. I am fairly sure that I was led to SSiW via a large roadside poster advert somewhere near Nelson or Blackwood (South Wales). I am finding that the teaching approach really helps me, especially the mobile app. I do probably around 4 hrs a day of traffic jam driving in the South Wales and Bristol areas, so that is when most of my learning takes place. In many ways this course reminds me of my early learning of French and German in a pilot 70s comprehensive school, which was fitted out with a state of the art language lab.