Who is singing?


Not sure if this has already been asked, (did a quick forum search but couldn’t find anything) but who is the artist and what is the piece of music played at the beginning of each of the SSi Welsh lessons?



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These threads should help -


@siaronjames said it all. I’ll just add Welcome to this forum @Tony_Davis as you’ve joined just 2 days ago. Hope you’ll find a lot help and fun here. Enjoy learning, reading and posting on here. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’d just add that Coffi Du is the introductory song of Level 2 and Level 3, and Wela i Efo Llygad Bach i is the song of the Level 1


Who is singing…well it looks like Manon Steffan Ross on backing vocals in the Lleuwen video…

Diden’t know that she would sing proffessionally and I can’t find any video on YouTube where she would sing at all.

Some people can write novels and sing…whilst I can barely tie my own shoe laces…:flushed:

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Look for ‘Blodau Gwylltion’ - their first album is out now, ‘Llifo fel Oed’. :slight_smile:


Just listening to the demo. Great voice in deed! So she’d playing the guitar too, doesn’t she?

It says it was out in March this year. :slight_smile:

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She’s definitely got a guitar, I know that much… :slight_smile:

I saw her in one interview on YouTube with the guitar, expecting she’d play it, but she just read something … :slight_smile:

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