Who fancies a pop-up meetup in Caerdydd? - Weds 19 Feb, 2020

I’m going to this tomorrow night if anyone fancies coming with me. It’s supposed to be suitable for people that don’t speak much Welsh at all, so non Welsh-learning partners could come too :slight_smile:

Hope to be there on Thurs…


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I’m here now if anyone can make it :slight_smile:

Great to see how much your Welsh has come on since the September meetup @rob-7! Da iawn ti a diolch am ddod.

Diolch yn fawr Deborah. Hope to meet up again next month.

I’ll be in Caerdydd a little earlier next month, so I’m happy to meet up with people on Monday 9th December - from 6pm in Chapter Arts Centre, Treganna (Canton)

Noted, hope to be there.

There’s a regular Welsh group which meet in the Cwtch at Chapter every Monday from 6.30. There’d be a big welcome for you there (and anyone else who fancies joining in!)

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Diolch @vallucas! I was actually thinking that we could meet up first, especially if people are coming for the first time, then go into the Cwtch and join the bigger group if people felt up to it :slight_smile:

I can’t make it on the 9th but i need to practice again! How scary are the regular Monday group @vallucas?

They’re a really friendly, welcoming bunch. I must admit that it is a big group so it takes a while to get to know everyone and there are lots of fluent speakers so the language can get a bit fast when people get excited! However, there are also plenty of people who are new learners and everyone is keen to encourage and help. I try to go most weeks and am always pleased I went, so I would say, give it a go.

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Good idea! Ikll try to get there early this week then, to say hi.

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Sorry, can’t make it tonight , hope it goes well.
Mae’n ddrwg 'da fi, ond alla’i ddim mynd heno


Diolch for letting me know. I’m just finishing my meal and hoping someone else will come soon. I’ll be heading into the Cwtch before too long.

I’m working in Caerdydd again for a couple of days this week, so I’ll be in Chapter, Pontcanna, between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesday night if anyone would like to drop by and join me for some Welsh conversation :slight_smile:

Hope to be able to make it. Rob

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I’m at Chapter now at a round table near the wall, middle of the eating area. It was busy when I arrived, but crowd thinning now so I might take a chance and leave the table to order food soon. :smile:

Hello Deborah,
Terry here. I was sat in the back room near the rear entrance. I wrongly assumed you would be there. Attended two other chats in this room. Waited for 40 minutes. Not to worry I’ll check next time.
Cheers Terry.

Oh what a shame @terry-3 ! I was there with Rob until around 8pm, then a couple of friends joined me, so I was there until almost 10 o’clock. I always just sit in the main area as I have to have supper and watch out for people.

I think for the next meeting I will present Deborah with a little table flag so people can spot her.