Which textbooks do they use in Welsh for adults classes?

Is there a standard textbook that’s used? Seeing as I’m learning remotely I thought it might be handy to have a look at them to see where I am compared to those in classes. Would also be handy for judging which level to put in for if I consider doing any occasional weekend classes in Wales.

There’s no standard textbook really, I’m afraid.
I did various ‘evening classes’ when I started, and still have my textbooks but they are all completely different to each other. They are also all very, very different to the way Welsh is taught through SSiW. By all means, see if you can get hold of some and have a look, but just bear in mind that trying to compare with SSiW may not be that straightforward.

As a general rule of thumb and going by what I’ve heard others say after attending day or weekend courses, you’ll probably find that whatever level you sign up for, the tutor will often tell you to move up!

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HI Stuart,

As Sharon replied, I don’t believe there is a standard set textbook for each level, but Elin Meek has written what I believe are to be considered more “guide books”.

They sell them in Siop y Pethe in Aberystwyth for most levels in Southern and Northern equivalents and can send them out via post. 01970 617120

I would link you to their website, but it is being revamped this week and unfortunately the shop is a bit “out of order”

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This is the book we are using in my Uwch course: https://www.cantamil.com/product/cwrs-uwch-1-de-cymru/ I’m not sure what they use in other levels, or if they are available to buy.

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I’ve seen the Mynediad, sylfaen and I think canolradd books on Amazon but all levels apart from canolradd have been reworked for this year so not sure about them.

The link on Amazon is for the older course but the Uwch course shared by hishiv is part of the revamped courses.

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