Which level Spanish

I’m doing the Welsh course and am so impressed with it and wanted to buy the Spanish one for my daughter who is just starting Spanish a level but wants more practice - especially with her spoken work. I notice there is an ‘advanced’ course - would this be the Most suitable? And also, if we go for the £30 subscription can she then downgrade if the times for online conversation don’t fit with her college timetable? Unfortunately she has to leave on the bus at 7 each morning and won’t get back until 7 each night … the joys of living in the wilds of Cornwall!!
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Ros,

The general Spanish course goes quite quickly into material that is often considered advanced in traditional courses, so I think it would be the most suitable for her.

We have varying times for the group conversation sessions, mostly in the evening at 7 or 7:15, but those sessions run for an hour, and people often pop in when they can depending on other commitments.

There are also a couple of half hour morning sessions - one on a Monday morning, and another on a Friday morning, if they fit with her timetable.

Yes, if she finds that none of the times are suitable, then she can drop down to the basic level and perhaps join in with others who are arranging chats here on the forum.