Which course is better suited? Cymraeg Gogledd or Cymraeg Du?

Croeso a Cyfarch yn dau iawn. When I was younger I went to Dosbarthi Cymraeg.
I was taught to say “Rydw i’n hoffi”
& “Mae fy…something…da fi”
So which course out of the two would seem better suited?

Looks like the southern to me. Though, as time goes by you’ll realise there’s not much difference between the two.


Those do look like Southern patterns.

But if you live in the North, or are going to interact mostly with Northerners, its probably worth going for the Northern version. If you live in the South, go for the Southern version.


Agreed!! However, if this means changing to words/patterns very odd to you, try a dip into the other course. I learned cymraeg de from a gog and spent some time up north too. I kept hitting the ‘eh, what?’ experience, listened to the northern version and realised I could manage in both, but still, on automatic, used the gog!! Now, I’m only here for the satisfaction of hiraeth, as I live in Yr Alban, so it doesn’t matter if I say ‘gen i’, but if you live in the north and speak south, you may get the odd look!!
n.b, General Question: In Porthpenwaig on S4C, folk talk about Dewi being a stuck up southerner. Is this likely to happen to any southerner who comes north & speaks ‘south’??

Nope, certainly not :sunny: I’d imagine that must be a combination of comments on his character, rather than the ‘stuck up’ following from the ‘southerner’…

Thanks! I did know an absolutely lovely northerner who was a bit “gog is best” on the subject of Cymraeg! If I said something like ‘moyn’ or ‘bwrw glaw’ he’d correct me!
p.s. I do wish I could spell!

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It’s probably the longest running national in-joke in Wales, but I’ve yet to encounter a single example that wasn’t good-natured.


Oh, yn wyr!! In fact, I found everyone I met when I was in Gwynedd absolutely lovely and welcoming!! Part of the time coincided with burning holiday cottages, but I don’t think there was personal animosity befind that, it was a matter of principle!!! Oh, and of course I was just de not sais!!

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Reminds me of a famous quote from “The Godfather” … :slight_smile:

Diolch for any of the useful bits & pieces in there, everybody.

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