Where to visit/stay in N Wales?

Hi all, a dear friend and her husband will be traveling from London to Holyhead on their way to Dublin in August. They will have 2 to 3 days in N Wales. I have recommended they see Snowdonia. Any ideas as to where to stay/ must see places?

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I’ve only ever visited Ynys Môn in the autumn, so my knowledge is limited to attractions that are open year-round. I love to stop by and visit Halen Môn (they have a great gift shoppe and also offer tours of their salt production facilities. As an added bonus, they have a fantastic view of Snowdownia from the shore of the Menai Straits!) I hear South Stack lighthouse is fantastic place to visit. Of course, a visit to the parking lot of John Pringle Weavers/Rail Station in Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch is a photo-worthy stop on the itinerary. (As a side note, I find that the Garden Centre, a few minutes up the A5 in Gaerwen, offers slightly more authentic Welsh gifts.) If they’re fans of Rownd a Rownd, they might also want to visit filming locations in Menai Bridge. And speaking of Menai Bridge, there’s a lovely walking path that takes one down through a forest, past St. Tysilio’s church, and under the Bridge itself. The path entrance is in the car park right near Waitrose. If your friends are into castles, there are impressive offerings in Beaumaris, Conwy, and Caernarfon.

In regards to places stay, I highly recommend Hen Bont Farm in Elim (Llanddeusant) on Ynys Môn. The family that owns the B&B are incredibly friendly and the accommodations are superb. Well worth the few extra minutes off the beaten path. They’re about 15-20 minutes from the port in Holyhead and only a couple minutes away from Llynnon Windmill.

Regardless of where their noses might take them, I hope your friends have such a great time in North Wales that they want to miss their boat to Ireland and stay in Wales!


My wife always insists we stay at Portmeirion, but my bank manager always rolls his eyes.

Must see off the top of my head: Yr Wyddfa, climb it on a good day - Tre’r Ceiri, inexplicably obscure to find but the best preserved iron age hill fort in the UK - Ruthun, a beautiful and friendly market town - Moel Famau, a steepish walk to a ruined (sabotaged?) tower on the hill with grandiose views of Chester and Liverpool

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And while in that general area, a trip on the Ffestiniog Railway might be fitted in.


I’m taking a short break in Ynys Môn this week, travelling to Amlwch on Thursday and returning on Monday. I will be on a calligraphy course Saturday-Sunday.

I want some suggestions of where to visit on the island and on the way there/back from Machynlleth where I can use my Welsh. I want to make the two travelling days part of the holiday, so it doesn’t matter if it takes a long time to get there with a number of stops. The are two added complications:

(1) I’m taking my mum too, who is disabled and not learning Welsh (but I want to show off!). Last week I broke my little toe, so I’m not going to walk very far or quickly either.

(2) We’re travelling on Thursday and I believe there is quite an important football match starting at 2pm :wink: , so we’d quite like to stop somewhere to watch that as well (supporting Wales of course).

Any suggestions?

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Take your swimming costume for a dip at Benllech.

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Don’t know the island very well at all, but coming up from Machynlleth I would (or have) consider stopping at:

The Llwynogod Blin…:wink:
The centre of Dolgellau

Then I’d recommend going via Beddgelert (the ice-cream shop is usually staffed by Welsh speakers) and Rhyd Ddu (or even staying on the A470 through Blaenau and up to Betws and then Capel Curig for particularly dramatic views).

Then you can go anywhere you like in Caernarfon (if you went for Rhyd Ddu) or the new Pontio arts centre in Bangor if you went for Capel Curig).

Then you’re over the bridge, and joining the other lost souls.

Although there is Oriel Ynys Môn in Llangefni (which is about the only thing I know about the island)… :slight_smile:

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Hi helenlindsay although there is quite a good chance you will hear Welsh being spoken anywhere on Ynys Mon you are much more likely to hear it being spoken in the centre of the island , particularly in Llangefni where you are likely to hear Welsh being spoken in all of the shops or anywhere on the southern part of the island in the little villages such as Dwyran and Bryn Siencyn and of course llanfairpwllgwyngyll. I would recommend taking Aran’s advice . The scenery around Snowdonia is breathtaking and you are guarenteed to be able to practice your Welsh in places like Blaenau Ffestiniog , Bedd Gelert and Caernarfon . Enjoy your trip and let’s hope for a Cymru win tomorrow :slight_smile:


Plas Newydd is worth a visit if you like stately homes, gardens or both.